Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial weekend kick-off!

Today was a fun, fun day! I started off the day by making pancakes for the kiddos for breakfast. After morning nap we ate lunch and then went to Toyota to pick up new parts to make the sliding door in the van work right it works amazingly!!! For $150 it is perfect again and worth every penny! It was soooo hard to shut, it would get stuck and have to be slammed 5 times to get it shut, and I am sooo thankful it is fixed! Anyway, afetr that we went up to Ashley's Aunt and Uncles house to go swimming and BBQ since it was about 90 degrees today! The babies went into a pool for the first time! They weren't too big of fans of the cold water, but when the spa got turned on they liked it. Levi wanted to just walk around on the steps all by himself, but of course he couldn't! Both Micah and Levi got into the baby float thingsy and they liked it OK. A lot better then Noah did at their age...he hated it and would just scream! Noah was getting brave and going in the water wth his frog suit. He really liked it. We left at 3 to take the babies home for their nap, but Noah stayed with my mom. She said he was getting even braver while we were gone, and was "swimming" back and forth to Nat and Ashley in the spa! Cute! I really want to get him swimming lessons this summer, so we will see if I can work that out! Anywa, the babies napped from 3:30-6...I guess they were tired from all the swimming and fun. Wehn they woke up I loaded them into the car, picked up Chinese food and went to play at Grammy's and get Noah. The babies love playing outside int he yard, and it is nice to have extra people around to play with them and help me wrangle them! :) They had a blast playing on the trampoline and eating berries! They were covered with berry stains! We took some cute pictures that I need to get off my mom's camera! Micah as the messiest of all three of them. He was grabbing handfuls and just shoving them into his mouth as if he were starving! hehe Levi was standing up on the trampoline and just running all over it with the hugest, cutest smile on his face, and giggling soo cute! He was purposly running away from whoever was trying to make sure he didn't fall off, and he almost suceeded in falling off while Dad was chasing him! then we starting haveing mroe than one person chase him around! He was being so very funny and I will always remember the way he was being! It was priceless! It was pretty much the perfect end to an (almost) summer day! So fun! Then they all got bathed and put into bed and they were all zonked in about 5 minutes! So fun and so memorable!

Friday, May 28, 2010


Okay I never mentioned that we are not getting that house as of now since they let the house go into forclosure! We were a little bummed and I don't know what we are going to do about a house anymore, but we did pray for the door to be closed if it wasn't the one for us and as of now it appears that way! We will see...we are submit another offer once the house is relisted and a forclosure. Anyway, it is back to the drawing board...and there is the consideration of the new baby as well, as we don't want to be right in the middle of buying a hosue of moving right when it is going to be born. That only gives us a few months, so if it doesn't happen by then, who knows what we will do. Nick only has about a month and a half left of school also, we expense checks will be gone, and he will be six months closer to becoming a journeyman. 2.5 more years!

Hello walkers...Goodbye nursers!

So ridiculous that I ahven't written on here in 2 weeks! I sit at this computer at least a few times a day adn I can't just write something! Sheesh! Both Micah and Levi are WALKERS! Lots and lots or steps, and lots of falls too! No tears though! I don't think either one of them has creid once about falling! They really fall ratehr gracefully, and they alwasy seem to catch themeselves to keep from really getting hurt! It is so preciosu to watch them learn to walk, and I am also watching their crawling as I know it will all but disapear so soon! They are so proud and happy when they walk, and I just love it! Levi is still a little steadier and walks a little more often, but Micah is right behind him! It really has just been in this last week that they both have really blossomed in the walking happened really over justa few short days, and suddenly they are just walking all the time! In other new, I have finally gotten Levi to drink milk from a bottle as of about a week ana a half ago. Micah still refuses mostly, but will take a few sips. I am still nursing them both ocne a day in the morning, but the milk is drying up quickly with that little of stimulation. I am a little sad about it, but it is time. I will miss having four little hands grab at each other, and grab at me, and be so sweet while nursing. I will miss seeing two little heads, and two pairs of eyes looking up at me while they are getting both nourishment and comfort! I will just miss the baby days always, and stopping nursing is definately a marker of the end of babyhood and the beginning of toddlerhood and growing up. It is so bittersweet. I know I will most likely never again nurse twins, and once they are all done I will definately never nurse Micah and Levi again, and that takes some getting used to. I love them with all my heart, and it has been and honor, a pleasure, and a major accomplishment to have been able to nurse them for 14 months! I am proud of myself, and glad for the sweet bonding I didn't have to miss out on just because they are twins. Some said I couldn't or wouldn't nurse twins for very long, but I did and I am so glad! :) Such a rewarding job!
On a Noah note...he is my sunshine! The way he talks and the things he says never cease to make me smile! He is smart, funny, and goofy! He is sensitive and wants his momma! Lately he wants to drink milk out of a bottle like babies do, and I have caved and let him finish what they don't, but I know it is starting a bad habit and it has to be nipped! He is just so funny and still prefers "squishy" cups as he says! I guess it is a throwback to nursing, which he also did for 14 months. Oh my boys! Anyway, Noah is very sweet and likes to thank God for specific things during prayers, like for getting to go to Chuck E. Cheese, and for Amanda's friend Lauren. I love when he adds in his own two-cents when I am praing with him. It is so amazing to see him understanding that we should be thankful to God and tell him about the things we love that he has created! Such a beautiful thing to see unfold in a little boy! Love it! :) Tonight before I went out of his rrom he was asking me fi I was going to stay at home while he goes to sleep, and that I have to protect him while he sleeps! How sweet is he!? Anyway, was going to buy Noah a school desk, but am going to hold off until next payday. I want him to have his own little space for doing "school" as I am hoping it will encourage him in that area. He isn't very into doing crafts or school really right now. I don't know if it is me needing to be more creative, or just his personality or what but it scares me about homeschooling. I am doing it all the way, but I just have so much to learn and feel so incompetent! It does seem overwhelming to be doing school with one kiddo while three other younger ones run crazy! Anyway, one day at a time! School desk to come! :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

New keyboard

I bought a new keyboard since Levi spilled juice on the old one! Not that it was his fault...I really shouldn't have left juice next to the computer! Thanks goodness it only spilled on the keyboard and not the actual computer! Hopefully I can learn my lesson!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Micah loves to suck his left thumb while cuddling his silky blue blanket close to his face, while Levi loves to suck his right first and middle fingers. He has a brown silky blanket that he is starting to like more and more, and he does hold it close to his face when he is going to bed sometimes,but he definately doesn't like itas much as Micah does. Levi has now got this walking thing down! He does it all the time,and for long distances, like over 20 steps at a time! Sooo cute! Micah takes a few steps still, but boy does he have climbing down! Up onto the dining room chairs, and onto the table, scaling the side of Noah's bed, and actually almost making it up! He is nuts! I have to watch them both constantly! I also have to make sure the bathroom and my bedroom doors are always shut, because those are the first two places they always try to get into! If I notice they are missing all the sudden I run to my room, and if the door is open they are undoubtedly going straight into our bathroom to climb into the bathtub or the shower! They know they aren't supposed to go in there, so that's exatly where they go! Oh yes, differences,not simliarities! It's not this way now, but I think I forgot to every write it down, so for the record, Micah used to like to bed rocked in the rocking chair, and Levi much prefered me standing and bouncing him up and down a bit, or just standing up and rocking rather than me sitting. Also,Levi was first afraid of the vacuum, and Micah wasn't. Then Levi wasn't scared of it anymore, but then I accidentally ripped Micah sock off of him with the vacuum when I got to close to his foot,so then he was terrifed! That was several months ago though, so luckily I cannow vacuum with either of them around with no problem! :)
Thought I should add while I am remembering it, that Noah says "esteryday" for yesterday, and "earf" instead of earth. Love it! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Approval on house

We got the approval on the house yesterday.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Memorial Park

Took the kids to Memorial Park today in Upland for the first time. Just me and them. Babies tried to eat lots of wood chips. Noah was digging watching rollerbladers at the skate park. Noah didn't want to go down any slides there by himself because they were really steep! Love this park because it is so shaded, with trees right inside the playground part, not just on the sides of it. Will definetly be utiliizing this park again during the summer. We saw a little boy today who was almost three years old and he couldn't speak any words. Just a bunch of jibberish. He was very friendly and outgoing, so I don't think he could be autistic, and he didn't seem to be retarded or anything like that either. He just talked like a baby of maybe 12-18 months. It was sad, and I don't think his parent's thought their was anything wierd about it. His dad just said that he was big for his age and was almost three, and that's why he talked like that. I felt bad for him, and a little funny when he kept coming up to me and having a full on conversation with me in jibberish. Anyhow, the babies both took a 2 hour morning nap, but then Micah completely rejected the afternoon nap, even though he had been up for 4 hours, and Levi fell asleep a the last minute, after an hour of being in there awake. So, Micah went to bed at 6:45, and Levi went down at 8:05, since he didn't wake up from the nap till 5:30. It is definately a sign that the morning nap is on it's way out, even though it will be a long road till it's gone all the way. Noah was done with it by 14 months, but he was very hard to keep awake for a few months trying to get him to push the one nap later into the afternoon. We will see how it all pans out! I am always a little sad to see the morning nap go, but then it is also freeing to only have one nap a day...which we better enjoy for at lwast a little bit before a million naps a day starts back over with the new little one. It's quite OK though, I love me my babies! :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Had a riveting discussion on facebook this morning likening the new illegal citizen law in Arizona to questioning could-be prostitutes. Awesome. So fitting for today!Made some yummy carne asada tonight! It was sooo time I am gonna marinate it even longer, since I only did for an hour today. Anyway, my parents and Nat came over for dinner, and mom made her fabulous salsa and spanish rice. YUM! Amanda also stopped by for like 3 minutes to eat...whatever! ;) Earlier in the afternoon Mom came by and watched the boys while I went to the grocwey store. It is amazing how an hour of grocery shopping alone actually qualifies as a break! haha! She let the boys all play outside the whole time I was gone, and they loved it! It was warm enough that she puty a little water in the blow up pool, and they all wen to town! Micah wouldn't stop trying to drink it, of course! That kid always try to drink bath water, and other inappropriate water, even when he has a cup full sitting right by him! Silly! He hasn't quite figured out that he shouldn't breathe while his face is in it either, so he will start choking after he breathes water in! It scares me! Anyway, all three of those boys love being outside, and I love it too! I am just waiting for the babies to walk now though, so they will stop eating rocks and dirt as much when we are out there! :) They are both walking a little, Levi a little more so, and they are really making progress. It is so cute watching them learn, and even cuter that they are still so wobly! Love this time in their lives!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blood work...

Finally got my bloodwork done fot this pregnancy that I have been putting off for 2 months. Noah went with me, and my Mom watched the babies. She said they were into everything, and a handful! A good handful though! :) Noah did NOT want them to hurt me, and I had to convince him I would be fine, and it wouldn't hurt. He was so cute being protective of me! A woman sitting in the waiting room heard him talking and said, "That's a smart little're gonna be sorry!" Well, I agree whole-heartedly that he is a smarty pants, but won't ever be sorry he is mine!