Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September so far...

Is all about getting our house! I have been on the phone with a lot of agents, lenders, and insurance agents! I'm buried under mounds of paperwork, but soon it will all have been worth it! Our own house FINALLY, with four acres for the boys to run free! We've been in escrow since the seventh, and will hopefully be closing around October seventh.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The tale of a not so typical thursday

So Test Kitchen Tuesday actually occured on thursday this week.

Italian Chicken and Rice Casserole was a little dry in my opinion, but had really good flavor.  I think I will try to tweak it next time to make it a little moister.  Overall it was yummy though, and a nice twist to a chicken and rice caserole.

Today Levi got the back of his head gashed open by the little tyke pool falling on his head, courtesy of Noah and Micah holding it up and then dropping it right on him.  He ran towards the house crying and holding his head, and as soon as I picked him up and touched the back of his head, my hand came away bloody.  I located the gash, and could tell right away it would need a stitch.  So my Dad luckily was able to come home from work early and watch the other three boys while I took Levi to the doctor  Naturally, I feel like a fantastic parent bringing my son, who has a broken collar bone, in to get stitches.  Nice.

Levi was such a good boy though.  He threw a fit when I took him into the doctor two days after he broke his collar bone, which now I know was because he was in so much pain.  So, I was a bit nervous about what would happen this time.  He suprised me when he just sat on the table like such a good boy and let the doctor search through his hair for the gash.  Then he sat so good waiting for the doctor to come back and give him one staple, which is what he said it needed.  I felt so bad that he didn't know what was coming and was sitting there nicely.  It wasn't hurting him anymore at this point, so I felt so bad that he had to be hurt more.  That boy has had enough pain in the last three weeks already!  The doctor didn't recommend numbing his head first either because he said it would take four shots to numb it, versus one quick staple.

Anyway, he sat in shock for about a half a second after the staple went in, and then burst out crying, and cried for about three or four minutes.  It sucked.  Then the doctor gave him two stickers, and I promised him ice cream, and he was fine.  My little trooper.

No more doctors, no more blood, no more scaring mommy, mmmk!?

Noah unloaded the top of the dishwasher rack all by himself today.  I was one proud mommy!  He put everything on the counter, which made it easier for me to put away!  He really helped me, and he was veyr proud of his accomplishment.  It was really cute.

We have been consistent with disciplining and training the boys over the last few days, and we are already noticing a big difference in their behavior.  Yay for boys who are learning to obey well!  I strongly believe that we teach our children to obey us, to teach them to obey God, so we don't want to slack in this area any longer.  Lord, help us!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This sweet boy took his first steps yesterday.  How can one moment bring up such conflicting emotions within my heart?  Thank you Lord, for the gift of watching our children grow.  Give us the wisdom to raise them in your nurture and admonition, as they spring up like weeds before our eyes!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meal Planning Week One

Wen to Costco today and bought everything for a weeks worth of meals!  I'm excited!