Monday, May 8, 2017

Journaling to remember

I was reading through some old blog posts and was cherishing the memories I wrote down so much that I was inspired to write again. This is a journal for me and my children. Their eyes lit up so much when I read them old posts and when the girls asked for their stories it broke my heart that I have written so few of them down. Life got busy, and my thoughts about life sometimes too intense and deep to really want to write down. But I'm going to do it for them, because I love seeing them smile when they hear an old story about themselves!

Rebekah has just learned to crawl this week, after learning to pull to stand in her crib last week! I feel like those two steps were backwards, but being only a week apart she basically learned to do both skills at the same time! It is such a quick transition from a four or five month old who can barely just sit up alone, to a seven month old who can stand and crawl! Ahhh I just want my babies to stay little a little longer! But of course these little milestones are always so exciting, and Rebekah has her own little pep squad cheering her on with each new accomplishment. The kids all truly love having a baby in the house.

Rebekah still does not have her first tooth, but a top tooth is just about through. I don't believe we've ever had a baby get a top tooth first! She is also one of our latest teethers. Noah was around 7-8 months when he got his first tooth but everyone else got teeth a little early than that, more like the 5-6 month range. Anyway, I love the gummy smile and it ok by me when they come in later!