Friday, July 23, 2010

More Molars and Grandma Judy's 51st Bday

Levi's top two molars brok through...the top left on July 21st, adn the top right on July 22. Micah's top two are going to break through any day now...they are just bulging through the skin poor baby. They both got both sets of molars at the same time, so we had 2 babies trying to cut 4 teeth all at once! They have been very fussy and clingy, adn I can't wait to get my happy boys back! Yesterday was Judy's birthday and Nick's whole side of the family came over. We made yummy carne asada from El Tarasco. Noah was waiting absolutely all day for his cousins to come over he was so excited! It is cute how much h likes playing with othr kids his age. My parent's called from vacation yesteray night to say mom hurt he knee white water rafting and they had to take her to the emergency room. She might have some sort of fracture, so they are coming home today instead of next wednesday.

Monday, July 12, 2010

July already!

I have taken forever to dumb of me. I guess I will never learn...I really want to make it a habit, which is supposed to take 30 days right?! Anyway, stayed home all day long today with my three sweets. Micah got a black eye a few days ago by falling in the bathtub and hitting his eye on the faucet. So, so sad! he also got his top right molar on July 9th. Now Levi and Micah both have two top molars broken through. I am feeling the baby move all over by now. Natalie felt it first about 4 or 5 days ago, and Nick fel it moving on Sunday during church this week. It moved pretty hard and his eyes got all wide! It was funny! We had out ultrsound on Thursday last, and you checked out good baby! They moved the due date back to November 13, from the 21, which is what I had calculated in the first place, so we will see when you really decide to make you appearance. Noah has started saying, "Mooom" all the time, like I will say it's time to come inside, and he says, Moooommm, all exagerated. It's kinda funny, but mostly I say, Hey call me Mommy! Kiddos all ate a bunch of mango today, and they all love it of course. Yesterday we went to church and then had a picnic at the park. It was a good time by all. We brought frisbees. I then went to Brianna salon and she did a Brazilian Blowout, which makes m hair straigher and less frizzy. It's pretty stinking cool. Then we BBQ at my parents house, and Grandpa Art stopped by in one of his old cars. The boys got a ride, and we took some super cute pictures. It was a pretty perfect summer day I have to say. :)
Oh yes, on the fourth we went to Claremont to see part of the parade and they had a bunch of free stuff for the kids to do. They all had fun. Then we ate at my parents, and then went to Aaron and Ashley's for fireworks, since they are still legal in Fontana. The babies didn't cry at them or anything, but just stared wide-eyed and didn't try to get down and run away for once! The cuddle time was nice! Noah really liked them, but then after a while he got tired and was like, I am done with this, let's go home. Levi fell asleep on the way home in the car.