Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Now my sweet babies are REALLY 3 and 1

We took the boys to Disneyland on their actual birthday, which was a big mistake! Our passes were blocked, so we had to upgrade them to get in. $160 later we were able to get into an incredibly crowded park. Ug! We totally would have just not gone, but as we started to turn away from the park, Noah says, "Where are we going? Aren't we going to Disneyland?!" We just couldn't disapoint him like that on his birthday. I was about to cry myself because I felt so bad. In the future, we will not tell him we are going somewhere until we are all the way there, and know we can actually get in! Anyway, we went to my parents house afterwards and had spaghetti, and cake, and the boys got to open a few presents from them. That was the best part of the day, not Disneyland. Noah really wanted to just go to Grammy's house anyway! We should have just done that in the first place! The babies really don't like Disneyland because they just want to get down and crawl, not be carted around or held all day! I don't blame them! Anyway, my boys are the sweetest in the whole wide world, and I am so proud of them. I love watching them grow, cannot believe how big they are getting, and cherish every day I get to stay home and be their mommy! I would not choose any other life, and cannot imagine doing anything else!
Today, I took the kids to the Dr. by myself. All 3 of them have colds, but the babies have both spiked a fever, and I suspected ear infections. Sure enough! Both ears on both babies! No wonder they have been waking up screaming at night! Poor things. They both are now on antibiotics. I also finally was able to get the sonogram results: They saw a HEARTBEAT! Our fourth babies heart is beating! What a relief. I was trying to put it out of my mind, but I was a little worried. Apparently I ovulated late...I thought I would be due Nov 12, but it is actually the 21st...right in between my Dad's and Aaron's birthdays, andf Ayden's is on the 24th! Sorry baby, you are gonn a be sharing a birthday, or darn close to it! Also, Thanksgiving is on the 25th! I totally have a feeling it is going to somehow land on one of those days that is already occupied! Well, it doesn't matter...I couldn't be happier to be the momma of four! :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday party!

The boys first annual joint birthday party was a success! I can't believe it is over. Can't believe my boys are one and three. My heart is so torn about how to feel. Proud of how they are growing and enjoying that, but sad that it is going so fast. I'm gonna miss this, I know. The swing set we got turned out awesome! It isn't all the way finished yet, but Noah loved it! It was so neat seeing his face adn his reaction to it! At the end of the party he asked if the swingset was still going to be there! Hehe! The babies didn't take thier morning nap today, but tehy took the afternoon one, adn now they are already sleeping, as is Noah. He fell asleep at 6:30! He spent the night at Grammy's house last night...went to bed after 10pm and woke up at 5am! Oh my goodness! No wonder he was tired, and then no nap today! Sheesh! He didn't even eat dinner! All the cousins had a blast playing on the swingset is sooo fun for the boys that they have so many cousins slose in age! I love it!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Should have canceled...

I should have canceled the sonogram, but I didn't. They said the sac was measuring 5 weeks, and I think I should be 6 weeks, and they couldn't find a heartbeat at this point. It still may be nothing to worry about, but now I am worrying a bit. I am just trusting God though, and putting that worry on Him. He has control of all things, including this. Most likely they will want to wait 2 weeks and do another sonogram to see if they can then find a heartbeat, and if the baby has grown. SO, we shall see. Nick was pretty upset, moreso than I was. So I am praying for him. The idea that something could be wrong never entered his mind, so he was a bit blind-sided, whereas I was already considering that possibility.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lazy Day...

Today was a lazy day. I was feeling so tired and just blah! I started feeling what I thought was morning sickness yesterday, but today it was gone. Maybe it was just something else. I just felt really tired and no energy whatsoever. I was just waiting for naptime, and I hate when I feel like that. I want to enjoy every minute, not look forward to naptime. I took a nap when they all did around 2:30, but I almost felt worse when I woke up! Anyway, I have a sonogram on Thursday. I almost just want to cancel until next week, so that in case something is wrong it doesn't ruin the boys birthday. I think I will cancel. Nick and I are both so darn excited to build the swingset! I just cannot wait to see the look on Noah's face! Having it will make me feel less guilty about not being able to go to the park very often! It will be nice to have something fun to play on right in our own backyard!
We went to the library this evening, and Micah let go on what he was holding onto and took a stop into Nick's arms. So, I think it was his first steps pretty much! So exciting, yet bittersweet! My babies are getting so big. I simply cannot fathom that Noah will be three! He actually read me a book today with very little help...of course it is memorized by the pictures, but it is so neat seeing him learn and grow. He is such a smart and loving little boy! Levi was sweet today, and just really want to be held. He is a momma's boy. Well, they all are!!! Love my boys!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I need to write more often!

Micah started claping his hands this week on the 18th and Levi started doing it also on the 19th! It is so cute, and I got several videos of them doing it. Micah got his 5th tooth, the one next to the front tooth on the left on March 18th, and then the one to the right of his front tooth on the 21st of March. On Saturday, which was the 20th, Al Judy and Chey Chey came over and we had lunch and the kiddos all had so much fun playing in the water and in the sun! It was such a fun day, and the babies really crashed for their nap afterwards! We bought the kids birthday swingset at Costco on the 21st also, which was Sunday. We made it to church too! We took the babies into the nursing mother's room because they get so upset in the nursery. Hopefully it will get better soon! Noah also cries so hard when we first leave him, but is calming down eventually. My first Dr. appointment for the new baby is today, so maybe we will find out when I conceived! It is today at 2:00pm.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Micah learned to climb on top of Noah's train table! Oh my goodness, are we in trouble now! He was so proud of himself and happy that he did it too! I hope this doesn't mean he will learn to escape his crib anytime soon! It was so wamr and beautiful today! I took all the kiddos outside to play for over an hour! They all love it! The babies got so mad when I took them inside finally, that they just cried! They start crying also if you go near the slider like you are going out, and they think you are going outside, and then you don't. This is going to be such a fun summer...I love being outside, and I love when it is warm and we can enjoy the outdoors together! So fun! Noah went to my mom's house today for a bit, and while he was gone Gale, Ben and Lindsay came over and invited us to go on a walk, so we did. It was nice, and the babies really enjoyed it. We don't go on too many walks because of the giant hill! Anyway, then we went to pick up Noah and have dinner over there...homemade chicken and buscuits! They were sooo good! Thanks Mom! :) Finally, Joan called and said the bank was responding pretty quickly on the house! They needede some pieces of info quick enough that Joan needed it tonight at 9pm! I am just praying God closes the door if we aren't supposed to buy it!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Letting it sink in...

Today has been a day of letting our baby news sink in. It still hasn't really. I am having a hard time thinking that my sweet babies are going to be big brothers. They will only be 19 months old. I know this is God's timing and I know I will love this baby with all my heart, I just need a little time to adjust to the idea! Noah's first reaction to me saying we were goging to have another baby was "But we already have enough babies!" Oh my! However, now he is saying he is excited! It is sooo cute and fun because he understands this time! I love that! The babies were both very fussy today. Micah is definately getting two teeth! They have almost broken through but not quite, so I think they are really bothering him! Poor baby didn't want me to put him down. Levi doesn't have any visible teeth trying to push their way out, but something is definetly up with him!
We are trying to make such big decisions about where to live! We are really struggling with the idea of having such a small backyard for our many small children! Jeremiah and Nicole, and soon Chris and Itzel will all be living in Pinon Hills. You can get a bigger house and a few acres up there, but you have to live in the desert! There are so many pros and cons to weigh. Really though, it's just where God wants us. I just need to hear His voice on this. That is what I am praying for and listening for. I know He will answer!
Filled out envelopes for the boys birthday invites today...I am mailing them tommorow!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


This has been a big week! We put an offer in on a house in Fontana on Tuesday! It is a one story, which is hard to find, and it has four bedrooms! Anyway, it is a short sale and we won't know for a while it we will really get it, but we are excited! We just have to be patient now! As it turns out, those four bedroom will really come in handy seeing as today we found out I AM PREGNANT!!! And then there were four! I am a little freaked out, but am warming to the idea suprisingly fast! Oh my goodness! My due date is November 12, 2010...our 5th anniversary!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Just got out of bed to write this. I was giving myself an anxiety attack thinking about the prospect of my being pregnant...again. Ah! I know it would all be fine, and eventually I would wonder how life ever was without the new little guy, but I am freaking out a bit. Heart racing, mind racing. Am feeling that the whole timing method of b/c is more risk than I want to take right now. My babies are still little, and I don't want to have to think of them as anything other than babies right now. I am now dreading their birthday's, although I am trying to suppress the dread and just enjoy the ride. I just can't believe my baby is going to be 3, and my babies are going to be 1! It goes too fast, as cliched as that sounds. I can't stand it. Levi and Micah are both opening and shutting their hands now, to sort of wave hi, and to try and sign other words I sign to them, like "more" and "all done". It's so cute. Levi was so clingy today! He just wouldn't let me put him down after his afternoon nap. I am not sure what was up with him.
We went to Aaron and Ashley's today and got to see James for a little bit. He is getting so big! The babies can just tear right up their stairs, and I had to block the staircase the whole time we were there! They are so quick! I think they may hold off on walking for a bit, for the pure reason that they are so great at crawling! They are pretty satisfied with their mobility at this point, but we will see! The longer they can't walk, the longer I can think of them more as babies, so the longer they take the better! If I had to guess, I think Micah might walk first, but I think Levi will be very close behind him. I say this because I have seen Micah let go to sit down, and hold himself standing for a second, and I haven't seen Levi do it.
Noah continues to amaze me with the things he remembers, and the things he says! He remember everything! It makes me realize how much like a sponge he is, and it scares me to think that when I make mistakes with him, or lose my temper with him, that he remembers, and I could damage him. I am praying for patience and wisdom with my children. And I pray for them to give their hearts to Jesus.