Friday, April 30, 2010

Trail and Trampoline...aka Jumpoline

Went on a walk today on the new trail with the kiddos and Gale. It was pretty prefect weather, and the trail was nice, with pretty views! It makes me more sad to be leaving this house...I wish we could just buy it. Don't think it will happen though...I feel like it is my house though. I get really attached to houses...especially ones we bring babies home to. :( Well, I just have to get past it and realize the memories are mine no matter what! :) We also went to my Mom's for a little bit. She has had strep throat, sow e haven't seen her since Monday. She is on anti-biotics now, so we ventured over for a little bit, and the boys played outside. I had them all on the trampoline, and they were cracking me up! Micah and Levi kept crawling to the edge, and I would pull them back by the leg at the same time, and they thought it was funny! Then I started bouncing them a little, and they would just laugh and laugh! Too funny! Noah climbed up into the fort today all by himself! He said, "See, I can do it!" Yes, you can Noah! He gets so proud of himself. He just recently started climbing in and out of his twins bed with the rails, and he is just so happy to do it! Luckily, he is a good boy and doesn't get out without permission. He just calls, "Mommy, I'm awake!" Such a sweetie! The babies are officially 13 months old today! Why does it go so fast!?! Noah is 37 months also...but I sort of stop counting the months at this point! I still just say, "he just turned 3". :) Love my boys.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Levi standing up by himself!

Brianna and Chey Chey came over today to play for a while. This always makes Noah's day! :) Also, Levi started standing up without holding on to anything the 27th, and today he tried about 15 times in a row! He would stand for a second and try to walk, but usually wouldn't get his balance very good, so he would fall down! He just kept trying and trying though! I admired his persistence, and I couldn't help but think it must have been tiring! He didn't seem to mind one bit though!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grandpa's Bday

Today is Grandpa Art's 66th birthday, and we all went over to his house for dinner and cake. It was a good time! The babies ate about a million strawberries, and were sweet boys to everyone. Noah refused to eat any dinner while we were there, but then finally ate a whoel bowl of spaghetti once we got home...of course he wanted some brownie, which I am sure was his main motivation. He got a little piece after he ate!
Levi is taking more and more steps now, and he stood up today without holding onto anything else! Just stood up! He also sits on the ends of the tile step, and then stands up and walks a few steps. Micah is starting to let go and take a few steps too, though he is slightly more timid at this point then Levi. He is getting there though! I LOVE that my babies have never been 9 month walkers! That would just about break my heart...I love that I have gotten to watch them crawl for almost 5 months now. It's so sweet to see, and once it's gone it's gone, so I am happy to have them hold out on completely walking for as long as possible! ;) Noah is currently the cutest darn thing when it comes to singing songs and reading books. Tonight while I was in the bathroom right befroe putting him into bed I could hear him reading "Guess how much I Love You" to himself in his room! It was sooo cute! SO also catches onto songs so easily. I was singing the big bad wolf song to him, and he only herad it once and repeated it a while later, words, tune and all. So adorable! He also says the funniest things...He told me tonight that he doesn't like going on the freeway because, "My voice doesn't let you heard me" in it gets too loud inside the car when we drive on the freeway, so I can't hear what he is trying to tell me. Hehe. He just says things in too cute a way. I love him.
In pregnancy news, my morning sickness is subsiding! Woohoo! 10 weeks is the magic number. Yesterday was the first time I was able to make dinner, and then actually eat what I had made. That was gorssing me out just last week. I am so thankful it is ending, and I am so thankful that I never actually throw up while I have morning sickness. My sickness is always worse at night also, which makes it nice because I can just go to bed to end it! Anyway, I am getting a little baby bump now, tough it reallt could be just a poochy tummy at this point. It's definately a little more out there than normal. I ordered a little heartbeat doppler today, which should come in the mail on Friday, so I can hear baby's heartbeat...I have never had anything like this before to hear it at home, so I am excited to try it. It may still be too early to hear it though, so we may have to wait a while. Anyway, I am going to start enjoying this pregnancy again now since I am feeling less and less sick by the day.
4/26 Yesterday, got subway sandwhiches and took the kids to the park with Brianna and Chey Chey. Mom met us there. She ended up getting sick, and has a fever. Might be strep. Mom, Dad and Nat came over for dinner that night, which I made. Chicken tacos...they were good. Kids were sweet, and babies were showing off their walking skills. Love them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I am being so bad with posting! I am making a mid-april resolution to post more! Really it's not that hard...I am on here multiple times a day! I guess I always think I'll wait until the end of the day to post so everything has already happened for the day, but then I get too tired and naseous to do it! I have been going to bed around 9:30 usually because my sickness is the worst at night. Anyway....SO much has happened recently that I have not written about, which is really just silly! Levi is walking! Not all the time, and not a lot yet, but he can do it! I can just stand there and balance for a while, and then he will take 4 or so steps! He will walk to Noah, which is sooooo cute! He usually ends up taking them both down at the end, but it is so cute, and Noah loves that his brother will walk to him. Now, I can't forget to mention Micah. He will also stand for a minute and balance himself, and he will take 1-2 steps! I cannot believe both my babies are figuring it out! Such big boys, but yet still my babies! I have the dates that they first did it, I need to find them off my camera and add it here. Will do.
This past week, I also got to take Noah to Disneyland just him and I twice! Nick was sick and stayed home from work, but said he could manage Micah and Levi, so I could take Noah for a special Mommy-Noah day! Noah loved it to say the least! He wanted me to hold him all the time in the lines, and of course I obliged him, especially since I usually can't hold him all the time! I really enjoyed the time with just him, adn we both had so much fun. Noah loved driving the autopia cars! He actually got to sit in the drivers seat, and he was all about it! It was so much fun, and we made so many memories that I will always hold dear! It is important to me to get to spend time individually with my kids, and it is something I want to work at through the years to come with them. I love my boys.
We went to church today. Noah cried when we dropped him off in the 3 years olds like usual, but did calm down and had fun after all. He does that every week, so I am not sure what to do! We just took the babeis in the nursing mother's room, because they just get so upset in the nursery. When they can walk they can go into the ones class, and I think the toys and activity in that room will be more their style. The nursery has moslty all babies a lot younger than them, and they have only really young baby toys in there. Anyway, I am hping they will gain a little independence with walking, and maybe it will get better! It is hard on Sundays, but I am glad my babies are attached to me, and not used to being shifted to different caregivers. That's why they hate it so much, because they are always with Momma, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Not sure why little one, but you are making me crave salt and spice! As I write, I am eating a spicy jalepeno bean and cheese burrito! I bought some frozen ones, and as naseous as I was feeling about 10 minutes ago, they sounded good, and now that I ate TWO, I feel sooo much better! I can almost absoluetly not drink water either, which is a bad combo! I got some crystal light yesterday though, and am able to drink that pretty easily. It has artificial sugar in it, but a little doesn't hurt anything. Anyway, just thought I'd write about my cravings right now, and say I love you little one.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Took the kids to my mom's house today for a couple hours to play. Natalie was home sick. Learned about Krabbes disease and bawled my eyes out watching youtube videos about it. So horrible. Love my babies.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Ate In-N-Out AGAIN! Am feeling sicker and sicker. Of course, a few days ago I thought maybe it wouldn't get any worse. I was kidding myself! My face is also broken out badly. Ah, pregnancy! It always happens to me the same way. At least I know what to expect. Am thinking about the name Layla for a girl. I like it. Took the kiddos to the park with Nick because he got home today at 12:30pm! Sooo nice! :) Dyed easter eggs with Noah, which he loved! He was so cute doing it! The babies are starting to wake up less at night finally, as I think the antibiotics are working. Praise God! Noah actually fell asleep for his nap today and slept from 2:30-4:30. Of course, now he didn't fall asleep until 10pm. That nap is pretty much gone, but he still has rest time everyday for an hour, so that's fine.
Thinking about what Jesus did for me on the cross today. Thank you, Jesus. I didn't deserve to be loved and saved, but you loved and saved me anyway. Help me to love my family with the same love you first loved me with.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morning sickness...ALL DAY!

It's now hard to think up things to eat. I am having a hard time drinking water, and am worried my milk is gonna dry up! Today I ate a grilled cheese, In-N-Out, and Vinces for dinner. When I think of soemthing that sounds good to eat, I HAVE to eat that, and then I feel better for a little while. Ahh! Pregnancy! Still LOVE it though! Love growing a baby in my belly! :) Micah was so fussy today, and was pulling on his ear. Hopefully they get better soon. :( Even so, they still both were sweet as can be, and so cute. Noah is amazing me. I swear I can tell he turned 3! He is singing all these songs, picking up on all the words really quickly, and he just seem to be more gorwn up over night. He still loves his mommy, and wants to be held, and have me lay down in his bed with him too. I am trying to cherish all those things, I know they won't last forever. I am realizing the time grows shorter.