Monday, December 28, 2009

Pulling up!

Natalie spent the night last night and hung out at our house pretty much all day. I accomplished cleaning the kitchen. Micah and Levi are both just starting to pull all the way up to standing. It is so cute and yet just about breaks my heart at the same time...they just started crawling and now this! Ah, how I love them.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I tried to get laundry done and the house cleaned all day today so we could enjoy it tommorow. Of course it didn't all get done (it never does), but I made some pretty good progress. Jessica came over during the day and gave Noah and the babies a present. Clothes for Micah and Levi, and a book and a toy ambulance for Noah. He loved it! We went to my Grandma Wanda's tonight. It didn't start till 6:30, which is pretty much the babies bedtime, so they were soooo tired while we were there. It was sad because they were really fussing, and Micah was rubbing his face and eyes, and you could tell they just wanted to be layed down for sleep. Anyway, the kids had fun opening presents. Noah was a pro at ripping the wrapping paper now, and needed very little help. He sometimes needed help if it was tapped a lot. The babies enjoyed the wrapping paper just about as much as what was inside....a typical first Christmas :) During the day Noah and I made the dough for sugar cookies, and we rolled it out and cut it into shapes , and baked it before we left for Grandma's. So, when we got home the cookies were cooled and we got to start decorating. Noah did 4 or 5 of his own cookies, and he was soooo excited to leave them for Santa. He kept saying, "Is Santa gonna love it?" We wrote Santa a note, and left it on the fireplace along with the cookies. Noah was so very cute and full of wonder and excitement, and I will always remember this Christmas Eve. Nick and I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" like we always do, and I put together Noah's train table while we watched it. I wrapped it once it was all put together, so it was a giant present!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Friday 12/18-We went to Mom's work today since it was her last day of school and she didn't have any classes to teach. She likes when we come so she can show off all her adorable grandkids, so I try and come when we can, and today worked out good. Nick got home early because it was his safety meeting today. Jess hung out with us today. I caught this cute little moment with Micah and Levi today....they always seem so big to me when they sit in Noah's little car. My babies are getting bigger everyday. Levi stood holding onto the car a moment after this picture, but I stood him up. Micah stood there for a second too, but I couldn't leave him really, and Levi I left for a minute or two and he never fell!

Saturday 12/19- Today we took out family Christmas picture, which turned out amazing! I ordered the picture cards from Costco. We also took the kids to Montclair Plaza to see Santa and get their picture made with him. Noah was afraid and didn't want to sit by him, Levi was fine with him, and Micah fell asleep right before it was our turn, so he is alseep in the picture! It was a Santa picture to remember! Jess went with us, and it was a good thing because she really helped with the kids. I took Noah on the escalator twice and the elevator twice, which he thouroughly enjoyed!

Sunday 12/20-We went to Water of Life church today for the first time. We liked the Pastor. We had to leave half-way through the service because Levi got so tired in the nursery and was crying really hard, so they paged us out of the service. Nick and Noah went to the mattress store and bought a new twin bunky board and mattress for Noah's new bed. I finished paiting it on Saturday night, so it was all ready to go back into his room! Yeah! He slept in it tonight, and really seems to like it. He hasn't figured out how to get in and out fo it yet, so it is helping him stay in bed and not get out to play with toys, so that is a big plus, and he has more room and seems more comfy. Also, I like that I can get into bed with him to read him stories. It's like what I picture now, of getting snuggly in bed next to my child and reading bedtime stories. I love it! I went to Target and Khols with Mom and Nat tonight around 10:30 until midnight...I can't believe stores are open so late around Christmas, but they are. I finished all my Christmas shopping tonight...Yeah! I love shopping for Christmas, and am almost sad to be done! Now the anticipation is just killing me! I am soooo excited to give all our gifts, and am especially excited for Noah because he understands completely about Christmas this year, from baby Jesus, to Santa and presents, and he is excited! He sings "Santa Clause is comin to town" and is oh so cute! It will also be Micah and Levi's first Christmas, and first time opening a present of any kind, and I am so excited to share that moment with them! So many blessing and joy this Christmas, and I am so thankful for my life. Thank you Jesus. Oh yes, Natalie spent the night tonight, and I finished making Micah and Levi's stocking...I glued the name letters on, so now they are all done and look great. I hope they will love them as they get older, and know that I put love into making them for them...Noah's too, which I made last Christmas, along with Nick and mine as well.

Monday 12/21- Natalie hung out with us most of the day today, and Amanda came and hung out for a good chunk of the day as well. It was a sister day. It was Nat's first day of Christmas break, and Amanda is done with school unitl next semester as well. Then later in the afternoon, Mom, Dad and Nat took Noah to the Montclair Plaza, and to see the Christmas statues on Euclid....Noah called me on Mom's phone during their outing and was just chatting away to me. I was truely amazed by him as this little person with his own thought and ideas, and he was very cute to talk to on the phone. His voice is still so sweet and cute! :) Aaron and Ashley went to the hospital at 12:01am this morning to be induced. They want baby James home in their arms, and couldn't wait until the due date, which is Christmas Eve. As of today at 8:30pm, she still isn't very far dilated, and it looks like he won't be born until at least 12/22. We shall see. I am so excited to meet him, whenever he does make his grand debut! :) I will be an official Aunt once he is born! I bought stuff at the store to make Christmas goodies today, and am planning to make them tommorow. Levi was being so cute today bouncing up and down on his knees while holding onto his crib rail today, and he was also saying Dada a lot today. Micah was cracking me up throwing himself backwards while I was holding him because he wanted me to swing him back. We got it on film too. I love my babies so much.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Before the Blog Began...

Micah started sitting himself up the week of Thanksgiving...November 21 was the first day he did it...I caught the picture of the VERY first time...yeah! I LOVE being able to see all of my kids firsts. I am SO blessed to stay at home and raise my boys and take care of our family! About a week later, Levi basically did it too, but he leans to the side a little still if he sits up on his own. Micah sits up really straight, like it is just the most natural thing, which I guess it is, but it still suprises me to turn around and see him upright all on his own! My baby! The first week in December before I started this blog, Levi crawled up the step between the entry way and the living room and family room, so now the step isn't enough to contain him! Micah still hasn't gone up it yet, but he is trying, and I am sure will do it soon! Also, gave the boys cherrios for the first time this last week, and they did great! They both chewed them up like champs, so now I give them to them dry in the mornings along with oatmeal cereal and pureed peaches, pears or applesauce, sometimes with blueberries added in. We went and visited Nick in Bakerfield on Dec 2-4. It was the first time I drove a long distance with all 3 of the babies on my own. It went pretty well. On this car ride was the first time I noticed that all of the sudden Levi sucks on his left index and middle finger! All this time Micah has been thumb sucking (also the left one...Noah sucks on the right one!) and I just thought Levi wasn't going to ever do it...well he doesn't, but took to his fingers! It is soo cute, and really helps him to self-soothe.

Sat. 12-12 It rained all day today. Micah has pretty much as of today started full on crawling. Almost no more elephant seal! How quickly things change as babies learn and grow sooo fast! Seeing both babies crawling around is so cute, and I am so blessed watching them all grow. Both Micah and Levi are pulling up onto their knees to anything and everything! Hung out around the house, went to Target with Jess around 5pm for some Christmas shopping.

Sunday 12-13 Went to the fabric store to get stuff for Micah and Levi's stockings. Micah had 102 fever when he woke up from his afternoon nap. He just wanted to be cuddled most of the rest of the day, although he perked up after I finally gave him some tylenol. I hate for them to be sick and I feel so bad for them, but it is at least nice to have them be so cuddly :) I found a bed for Noah on craigslist today, and Nick went and picked it up from Corona. We got it home and got it all set up, and that's when I noticed it reeked like cigarette smoke! Nasty! We didn't like the color anyway, so now we are working on sanding it so we can restain it and reseal it to keep the smoke smell away! So, now it is probably going to take over a week until Noah can use the bed again! This was his first night in a twin bed anyway, and he loved it. My mom and Nat watched the babies for me for a little bit while I ran to Target, and my mom snapped this adorable picture...

Mon. 12-14 Nick stayed home from work today to help me with the sick kiddos, and to work on Noah's bed.

Tues. 12-15 The babies are having a little nap trouble. I am pretty sure it is due to the crawling and sitting and pulling up. Of course! Today they never slept for their middle nap at all, which NEVER happens. When I went in to get them finally, they were at the end of their cribs, closest to each other playing together through the crib slats! It was sooo cute! I said, "What are you guys doing?!" and they both gave me the biggest smiles ever! Nick gave me and early Christmas present...a sewing machine! Now I can make Micah and Levi's stockings without borrowing my Mom's machine. He sais he just couldn't wait till Christmas for me to open one of my gifts, and I really protested because I like waiting for the surprise on Christmas, but once I opened it I understood why I needed to open it early. I am excited to figure it out, and learn how to sew. How fun! :)

Wed. 12-16 Took the kids to Target today so I could get thred, scissors, and other stuff for sewing. Micah got very tired before we could make it out of there, and was crying a lot. It was sad. I try to never go anywhere unless I can be home in time for naps, but it took just a little longer than I had planned. Went on a walk to Redhill park in the late afternoon after Nick was home. Noah had a lot of fun running around, and Micah and Levi had a blast being swung in the swings by their Daddy. It is soooooo ncie that Nick is in town right now! We are all loving it! We got Dalias pizza for dinner with their antipasto salad. They are the best! When the kids were in bed, I finally got to try out my sewing machine. It is really cool. I made one stocking and it took me three hours! I still need to make one more.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pizza and Cookies and No More Crib

We took Noah's crib down out of his room today. He has already been sleeping in the toddler bed, but we never took the crib heart wasn't ready to see it gone! Noah actually asked us to take out "that big crib" so he had more room to play! So, that did it for me, so down it came! He hhappily helped Daddy take it down too! I moved Levi's crib down today from the highest level to the lowest since he pulled up onto his knees in there. He couldn't fall out on his knees, but he could if he stands up, which he hasn't done yet, but probably will soon! Now I am going to have to lower Micah's tomorrow, because he pulled up onto his knees right after I finished lowering Levi's crib. I didn't have time to do his today, but will tomorrow for sure! I did about 5 loads of laundry today, and still have at least 3 more to do! I always try to get it all done in one day, but it just never seems to happen...there is just too much! For dinner tonight Noah and I made Boboli Pizza. He had so much fun smearing the sauce on, sprinkling the cheese, and putting the pepperoni's on just where he wanted them.. He is at a stage right now of wanting to help me do everything...vacuum, push the start button on the microwave (which he calls microhaive), change brothers diapers, put clothes in the washer or dryer, wash the car...anything and's cute! I do have to remind myself sometimes to just slow down and let him help, when I feel like just rushing and getting the job done fast. I love that he loves the help me in the kitchen, and I really hope I can help him foster a love of cooking! I would love to have one of my sons like to cook, since I may never have any girls to do it with! ;) Jess and I watched "The Family Stone" tonight, and I was very excited because afterward I made chocolate chip cookies that didn't turn out as flat as pancakes!!! I think it is a first for me! I usually use the mixer, and I think I over-mix, so I used my hand to mix it (literally) and it totally worked! The curse is lifted! haha

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gingerbread House and Christmas Tree

Today Noah and I decorated a gingerbread house. He had fun...eating the icing and candy! I tired to limit him from having too much, but he kept asking to try things so sweetly I couldn't resist him! :) I gave the babies Cherrios for the first time a few days ago. Micah has figured out how to get them into his mouth all by himself. Levi is really trying also, but as of today hasn't managed to get one in there yet. Levi crawled up onto the step this morning all by himself again...trying to get to the vacuum! He also went back down the step on his own, but bumped his face on the way down and cried. :( Noah hasn't been falling alseep for his afternoon nap lately, I think possibly because of being in his toddler bed now. I know he sneaks out of bed and plays with toys. I think he is actually asleep for his nap however today. I haven't heard him make any noise in a while. I just finished folding a bunch of laundry out in the garage, and it is now almost time to nurse the babies. I have been hearing one of them making noise in there for a little while now. They are currently eating at 6:30am, 10:30am, 2:30 pm, and 6:30 pm. I eventually want them to wake up at 7am, but 6:30 works for now. Jess and I went to Costco around 4pm, and I got something for Nick for Christmas. Noah went to Grammy's house while we went, and we took Micah and Levi with us. Taking the babies anywhere makes me feel almost like a celebrity haha...everyone looks at them, asks questions about them, and says how adorable they are. Someone even asked to take a picture of them! It's fun! They always say what a cute and good big brother they have too ;) When we were leaving Costco Nick called. He was supposed to be in Bakersfield still, but I heard Noah in the background of the phone call! Nick came home early! It is always such an awesome surprise when he does that...he tries to surprise us on purpose whenever he can :) Anyway, we met Nick and Noah back at my parents house and helped them decorate their tree. My Mom made her fudge and my Dad made homemade popcorn. Natalie really didn't want to decorate the tree without us, so I was glad we could be there :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Noah fell into the bathtub, babies are crawling!

I have decided to use this website to keep a diary of sorts. I am sad that I haven't done this everyday since Noah was born, but I figure better late than never...Nick continues to be
out of town for work. He is in Bakersfield right now, and it is really hard on all of us, especially Nick. He misses the kids so much, and feels like he is missing so much. We are able to talk to him on the webcam, which is nice but not the same obviously. Both babies have started crawling now! Levi first crawled last Wednesday, which was December 2, and Micah crawled yesterday on all fours. Micah has been dragging himself around in what Papa called his "elephant seal" move, and he still does that a little, but is actually doing the full on crawling thing now. They are soo cute! They follow each other around, and they follow Noah. I just never tire of being amazed at seeing two adorable babies at once, doing all the same things together. All of my children are such blessings to me. Today, Levi also pulled himself up in his crib to the rail on his knees. Neither baby has taken the step of pulling all the way up onto their feet, but it probably won't be long at the rate they are going! They just learn so much right now, literally changing on a daily basis. I get sad about it a little, and wish they would slow down a bit! Life is sweet. Today Noah fell backwards into out big bathtub with the tub full of old, cold bath water. I was right there and pulled him right out, but he was really scared and cried. He said he "drowned" in the bathtub. I have to remember to never leave bathwater in the tub again. It could have been so bad if I wasn't there. I shudder to think. We went to my Mom and Dad's today around 3:30 pm, since Nick wasn't going to be coming home. I made beef stroganof because Mom wasn't feeling well. Papa took Noah to the grocery store with him. He told him "You know what Papa? I just love you". SOOO cute! He told me the other day "Listen Mommy, I just have to say, I love you"! He talks sooo much, and is so smart, and understands so much about emotions and feelings. My baby boy is growing up too fast. I am a very blessed woman!