Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Levi has two molars broken through and Micah has one! Levi's top right molar poked through on June 25th, and the top left came through on June 28th, and Micah's top left came through on June 26th! Both of them are working on getting all four of them at once...poor babies! They have been drooling a lot, and I suspected molars soon, but not all of them at once! Ouch! The are pretty good sports though, and have only been a little fussy, really not even noticable. Such big boys to be getting molars...makes them seem a little less like babies! It will be nice for them to have some molars to chew with, so that part will definately be nice! :) Well, we are off to the park, and the animal shelter, and GolfSmith. Oh yes, I got a referral today for a midwife from Dr. Kim, so let's see if the insurance sompany approves it! Doubt it, I will probably have to appeal it..Boo for HMO's!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

$25 Grocery Challenge Day 1

So, prompted by a thread I saw on Dave Ramsey's website www.mytotalmoneymakeover.com, I am going to attempt to spend only $25 a week on groceries for about a month, or until I am very close to running out of food in the cupboards! :) So this week will be easy...I have tons of food stocked, and it really feels almost like cheating this week since I just went shopping on Saturday. Anyway, I can definately spend less than $25 the rest of this week, so I will just have to forward any remaining money I don't spend this week to next week. I am going to start the week over each Monday. I should also mention that I am reverting back to using all CASH for grocery shopping, and most all other purchases I make. Using cash makes it hurt, and I am a lot less willing to buy frivolous items when I have to hand over the green stuff! :)
Dinner # 1
Campbells Lemon Broccoli Chicken http://www.campbellskitchen.com/RecipeDetail.aspx?recipeId=24391&ref=%2fSearchRecipesResult.aspx%3fSearchType%3d1%26q%3dlemon%2bbroccoli%2bchicken
Betty Crocker instant loaded mashed potatoes
(bought as earthquake food, but I realized if an earthquake was that bad, we probably wouldn't have any boiling water anyway!), and
Costco's organic corn/pea/green bean/carrot mix steamed.

I had everything I needed on hand. The chicken has been in the freezer for a while, the cream of broccoli has been sitting in my pantry forever, and I bought the veggies from Costco about 10 days ago. Day one completed without spending a dime! :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love my boys..

Just finished looking in on Noah in his bed without the rail. He looks so peaceful and I couldn't resist giving him a little kiss on the cheek. What a sweet, big, growing-up boy. My heart is overwhelmed with the joy that he brings into my life, and I couldn't help think how much I am going to miss this when it's all over. I love raising my sons, and I treasure everyday I get to be here at home with them. I truly feel that a big part of my purpose is fulfilled through being their mommy, and I wouldn't trade getting to be home with them for anything in the whole world. We went to Chick-fil-a today, and of course I went up in the tubes to take the kiddos. That can't continue once the belly gets too big, so we might as well do it while I stil can. Mom and Nat came with us...one thing about so many small children all at once is it is hard to go too many places alone if the kids aren't going to be locked in strollers or carts. It is just too scary to keep an eye on all three of them in public places by myself! Don't want to lose one! ;) Anyway, I made cheeseburgers tonight, which Noah won't eat! Silly kid! Then Briana, Ricky and Chey Chey came over and we swung the kids in the swings for a while, and Nick and Ricky hit whiffle balls. The babies were already in bed. Speaking of babies, now that they both drink milk (I weened Micah of off rice milk within a week, and now he drnks regular milk...yeah!) they are quite the addicts, and I feel like they are not eating as much. They are only drinking 18 ounces a day, which they say they shoudl have 18-24 ounces a day at this age, so I think it is fine. I guess a lot of babies have a decreased appetite around this age, so I am sure it is nothing to worry over. I think Levi weighs around 23 and Micah just a little less. They are both a little chubby and healthy! Micah is catching back up now that he is drinkign milk again! He started to feel fownright tiny compared to Levi for a couple of weeks there. You can still tell a little difference, but not so much anymore.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Noah boy and VG fountain

Noah is sleeping for his first night tonight in his twin bed without a rail! Why does this make me sad!? My baby is growing up too fast! Nick and I just finished watching Shakespear in Love. Good movie!
Today, Nat and I took the kiddos to VG and they played in the fountain! Boy did they love it! All three were soaked, but we brought extra clothes, and forgot a towel! They air-dried though, and everybody had fun. The twins get a lot of compliments and questions whenever we are out, which is kind of fun. :) I sure do love having twins, and feel sorry for people without a pair! ;) Having one at a time is obviously a huge blessing as well, and I wouldn't change anything abotu each of our children for the world! :) The kids also got some sunglasses from Children's Place today whiel at the mall...they were only $2.50, and Noah also got to ride the train. I made chicken asada tonight for dinner from costco and it sure was yummy in burritos. We also ate peaches from costco, which are soooo delicious. Nick, Noah and I ate some of them in Noah's bed together. It was sucha cute moment when Noah pulled Nick and my heads together between his and gave us a group hug. It really made me think how much kids need and want their parents to love each other and love them , even when they are not old enough to express that desire in words, there it is. Glad we can give that to our kids with God's help. Thank you Jesus.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another house

Put in an offer today on a perfect house for us! It was way under-priced for some reason, and we offered our best offer on it....$250,000. It will be a miracle if we get it...it is a short sale off of haven and the 210. Please Lord. Babies have been getting hurt a lot the last few days. Micah bit his tounge really hard and it bled all over, then he pulled a big jar of applesauce right onto his forehead and got a bruise. Levi got stung by a bee yesterday on his middle finger, and then got knocked between the eyes with a swing that Noah swung without anybody in it. Ouch! My poor babies! Noah is being super cute with the names he is calling Nick and I lately. He is calling me Mommy, Mama, and Mom, all interchangabley, and he calls Nick Daddy, Dada, and Dad. It is too funny and cute. I gave Noah a hair cut a few days ago also, and it made him look way too grown up! I love my little boy.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Haha...oh man!

So, as I was just changing diapers this morning, the thought to write this post came to me. I like to write down the differences between Micah and Levi when I think about them and remember them so I won't forget later on. So, this one is funny/gross! If I am changing diapers and deceide to let the boys run free for a little bit to air out, Levi will usually pee, and Micah will poo as fast as he can! I just don't get it! It is like they just wait for me to take off their diapers, and then do their business before I can get it back on! I think they are doing it on purpose! So, just this morning as I was thinking about this I once again left the diapers off, and within 2 minutes! Levi had peed and Micah pood right on the carpet! Oh geez! Maybe I will learn my lesson this time! It's just so cute to watch two cutie little naked booties run around for a minute. Love those babies! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Teeth, funeral, and swimmming...

Levi got his 7th tooth, the bottom left on May 28th. Micah got his 8th tooth, the bottom left, on June 2. The babies do not yet fight me on tooth brushing, and they actually seem to kind of like it. They are starting to want to hold it though and do it themselves, so probably in the near future there might be a fight about brushing teeth! Noah sure hated it at their age and would cry a lot! Hopefully they don't do that!
Today was the first day I didn't nurse my sweet babies in the morning! I just got them botha bottle really quick-Levi milk, Micah rice milk-and they were fine! Micah still pulled on my shirt at least twice yesterday to nurse, but he didn't pretty well now that he will drink some rice milk! So I am a little sad, but we had a good long run nursing, plus I din't have very much left anymore and Micah especially was really hurting me trying tog et it out! Ouch! So we made it 1 year, 2 month and 1 week, and now we are done! I loved almost every minute of it, and am so blessed to have been able to do it! :)
Today was also Bill's (Nick's uncle) funeral. Nick went, but I couldn't go because my parents already had plans to go to Kristi and Randi's so I had no one to watch the babies. I feel bad I couldn't go because everyone was there, and Nick said after he go home he realy wished I was there, and that everyone else's wives were there!
Anyway, the boys and I went to Kristi's with my parent's instead, and I just left early so the babeis could nap in the car, and Noah stayed with my parents for a little longer. He was soooooo cute swimming ALL over teh pool with his frog suit! He has never been so brave to swim like that before, and now all the sudden it just clicked with him, and he was a little swimming machine! He LOVED the waterfall, adn kept talking about it even once he was home! He even let Aaron jump off the top of it while holding him! What a brave boy! I was so proud of him, and he really mad me smile. My little boy is getting bigger everyday! So bittersweet, but so fun to watch him learning and growing! Love my boy!
The babies dug the water too! They are all water babies! :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today...and Yesterday

Yesterday the kiddos and I took an afternoon walk to the park, and then to Stater Bros. for some more water and snacks. It was a little too far and I was a little too tired after we got home. So not quite so far next time. Especially since I had to drag the stroller down and back up the stairs to get home! Not fun! Luckily my Mom and Nat came by and picked up all the kids right before I had to drag it up the stairs, so their were no kids in it on the way up! Thank goodness because I don't think I could have done it! Anyway, everybody really likes going on walks, I just wish we could go more easily, as in no hill! Well, I need to walk it anyway...I am already gaining too much weight! 10 pounds already, and I can really tell on my sides! Yuck! Anyway, need to exercise more and just get over the hill!
Today, we just stayed at home and I got cleaning and some laundry done! Not that you can tell very much it is such a never-ending task! Well, I feel like I am keeping the kitchen clean a little better at least, and I got the masterbath cleaned today. I also made the salmon chipotle tacos tonight for dinner that Nick likes so much. Speaking of Nick, I got him to cancel WOW as of June 1st, and we agreed for it to be canceled for at least a week and then we will see what happens. It's a start! He has been working on the cars a lot since then. We are trying to get the 4Runner fixed so we can sell it, and that is almost accomplished now! Yeah! The babies have just started wanting to use spoons AND get the food out of the bowl with them. Up until a few days ago I would scoop the applesauce or yogurt on the spoon, hand it to them and they would eat it and hand me back the spoon. Now they are no longer satisfied with that! They want a bowl to scoop on their own! So cute, but oh so messy! It's fun watching them learn how to feed themselves though! They watched each other and do what the other one does also. So cute! Noah actaully ate some salmon tonight when it was inside a quesadilla. A little progress! He also helped me sort laundry today ("put all of mommies clothes into the basket...or now all daddies!"), and washed dishes! He loves being my little helper! :)