Saturday, December 18, 2010

Caleb is ONE month old!

Both Levi and Micah got the rest of their eye teeth the week that Caleb was born. Also, they have both taken off with their vocabulary since he was born! It was just all at once, it has been amazing to hear them! Starting with the day he was born they couldn't stop saying "baby", and now they are saying sooo much! They say "hold you", which is so sweet and one of my favorite things for them to say...Noah used to say that ALL the time! They will also pretty much try and say anything you ask them to. Shoe, bye-bye, go, outside, drink, milk, even an attempt at love you! They are too cute with baby Caleb as well...they want to hold him all the time, and give him kisses constantly on his head. Noah jusy adores him as well, wants to hold him every chance he gets, and coos at him and tells him how cute he is! I love having 4 boys, and just woudn't have it any other way. Noah is quite the thinker and talker. He has an incredible memory, he is sensitve and very perceptive, and he isn't a fan of his twin brothers trying to wrestle him at the same time! Levi has been a toy and blanket theif lately, running off with Micah's blanket or toy and Noah's things as well. I think he likes the reactions he get (screaming!), and he also likes it when the other two chase him done to get back their posessions. Ah! Sibling rivalry! Since Daddy has been doing so much taking care of the biggest 3 kids( HA as if any of then are very big at all!) Micah has become quite the Daddy's boy, and will run to him when he gets hurt. It's pretty cute, even if it does make me a little sad...but just a little!
Caleb has definately come alive and awake by now! He still falls asleep a few times a day while nursing, but he also wakes p all the way a lot and looks around. He has just started following objects with his eyes, and will move his head back and forth too if you move something in front of him. He also will make little cooing sounds sometimes instead of just being able to cry. He also has cracked a little bit of a smile at me, althouh I can't sya really if I count it as his first real smile quite yet! As far as sleeping and eating go, he has been eating about every 2-3 hours during the day..usually closer to 2, and sometimes 2.5 to 3.5 hours at night, with the occasional 4 hour stretch just these last few days. So needless to say I am pretty wiped out! But he is so worth every second of missed sleep, and I am enjoying him tremendously. I am enjoying rocking him to sleep, and having him sweet little head nuzzled on my chest as he falls asleep after nursing! I have only let him cry a few times when he was crying in my arms anyway. I really haven't started trying to do babywise or anything, I am just trying to be more relaxed about things so I can fully enjoy him. He is definately not an easy baby or anything though. If he does not fall asleep nursing he has a pretty hard time falling asleep even while I hold and rock him, and he usually cries quite a bit even in my arms as I try to soothe him to sleep, which is pretty hard on me when I can't comfort him. Tonight I rocked him for about 15 minutes trying to get him to sleep and he was crying nearly the whole time...finally I nursed him to get him to calm down even though he had only nursed 1 hour prior. I took him to the Dr. this past week because I am almost certain he has reflux and he was prescribed medicine for it. I am not really sure if I see any difference of not yet. He spits up a ton, cries sometimes during and right after feedings, wakes up in a hard cry, and even though he is gaining weight great (already 12.5 pounds and almost 23 inches), I think it is bothering him. I have been trying to sleep him tilted upright, and he still ends of puking all over sometimes and wetting his clothes and blankets! Well, hopefully it gets better for him...I hate to think of him having heartburn when I know how awful it is!
On another note Caleb loves his baths, and if he is fussing it always calms him beautifully. He isn't a huge fan of diaper changes when I try and do them before feedings (since laying him down after a feeding to do it makes him puke) but if he isn't waiting for food he really doesn't mind them. He really isn't a huge fan of the swing, and prefers a seat instead, and he likes being in a sling sometimes and will sleep in it, yet other times he protests it in a LOUD way and just won't allow for it, so it can't be counted on to calm his crying. When he is awake he probably fusses about 60% of the time, and is calm awake the other 40%. So overall probably pretty typical fussing I'd say. He definately does not drift into a peaceful sleep on his own! If those babies exist, I don't think I will ever own one! haha...I've had 0-4 do that except in the first few days or maybe a week! Anyway, love my boys, and love being their mommy! Glad I got this update in writing before I forget! Oh yeah, apparently I was so tired a few nights ago I accidentally put left Caleb's dirty diapers on along with a clean one! It was pretty funny when I discoverd it in the morning...I have no recollection of how I did it! Guess I need some sleep!

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