Monday, February 7, 2011

Why some boys wear purple lipstick.

Doesn't my son look thrilled to be wearing purple lipstick? Poor baby.

Well, truth be told, it is not purple lipstick at all, and I am not just pretending I have a baby girl. Not that baby girls wear purple lipstick, at least none I have ever met. I regress. It is something called Gentian Violet, which is a natural cure for thrush/yeast. Caleb and I have been passing a yeast infection back and forth via breastfeeding for over a month now, and I decided to give this cure a try! Considering his mouth is purple and he breastfeeds, you don't even want to know what else is also purple! ha! Seriously though, this stuff really works, and I think the infection is going away in both of us. Hopefully I won't have anymore pain during nursing soon, so I can get back to enjoying the bonding time, instead of gritting my teeth and baring it!
And one more time, for the record...Caleb is clearly not very happy about his purple lips!

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