Sunday, January 15, 2012

Caleb is learning so much lately! He now puckers his little lips, leans in for a kiss and makes a smacking noise with his mouth! It is heart-melting! He does it if he hears the word kiss! :) He has also sprouted four, almost five teeth since his birthday! All four molars at once poor baby! The teething necklace is a miracle worker though. He is usually fuss free through it all! He is a rough and tumble baby while at the same time so squishy and sweet still!

He is still nursing at nearly fourteen months and I have no plans to wean him. He tugs on my shirt when he wants milk, and he knows the word milk when it is spoken. He still sometimes wakes at night and nurses for a minute, but other nights he sleeps all night long! I am happy to say he has never been left to cry it out in order to get him to sleep thru the night. This is a big deal to me after what we did with the other kids. I was determined not to do CIO thus time around and I am happy to see that a baby will sleep for long stretches on their own eventually without CIO, and it won't be at five years old! :)

Micah and Levi are talking up a storm, and can express most everything they want to say or are feeling. I love how they say things right now...pronouncing "L" as "W" for one thing. "Mommy, I wight here. I not Wevi, I Micah." They both also say "I be hungry, sick, tired" etc. So cute! I don't always correct them either because it is too cute and I know they will grow out of it on their own anyway! :) I am having a hard time believing they will be three in less than three months! They are my toddlers!!!! Yet, they are almost preschoolers!

Noah is at the most darling age! It really is the best! I just eat up all the random, "I love you so much mommy, you're the best mommy in the whole world." He is just so sweet and thoughtful, and usually very obedient and understanding of feelings. His depth of understanding was fully revealed to me after I told him about the miscarriage. I was careful to not say the baby died, I just said it stopped growing, and that it was still very small. The next day out of the blue he said, "Mommy, I love you. I'm just sorry that baby died." I was blown away how perfectly he understood even when I tried to sugar coat it. My little boy is growing up, and I am holding on to these moments and cherishing them while they last!

On another note, the kids have seriously been sick for 2 months now! Can't wait for the sick season to end! Every time we go to church they are sick again! :(

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