Monday, May 13, 2013


Sweet Eliza!  5 months old she is!  No teeth to speak of yet, but they are making their way!  She didn't sleep much today, and she is so very drooly!  She is just so sweet, and she is always on my hip.  I enjoy her so much, and feel so blessed to have her in our lives.  She weighs in at 14 pounds 5 ounces give or take, and 24.5 inches long.  She has not yet tried any food, but is just breastfed.  Will probably let her have some other foods in a month or so.  I am not planning to do puréed food this time, but will offer her small chunks when she can get some in her mouth, until then mamas milk it is!
She has been loving grabbing, biting and sucking on her toes and feet for a good 6 weeks now, which is one of my favorite baby milestones!  I find it totally adorable!
She has soft fine strawberry blonde hair and big blue eyes, sweet soft skin!  She has a few pink stork bites still.  Her 4 brothers are over the moon for her of course.  It is so neat seeing their hearts for babies and I like to think being around babies will help develop in them a love of children,  That is my hope. It sure melts my heart to see how much they love her, and each other.
Eliza sleeps in her crib about half the night, wakes to nurse and then spends the rest of the night tucked in close to me in our bed.  She only nurses back to sleep in the night usually, and does not usually fall asleep while nursing during the day, which is a mystery to me why she doesn't like to!  Very different than Caleb!  He still wants my milk before falling asleep and in the mornings!

Micah and Levi are sleeping very well at night now, and are getting into less mischief in the night and early mornings.  They usually do not nap, but will if I have them lay down. They have always needed a lot of sleep.  They both are quite string willed, but have the softest sides to them as well.  Levi very much wants to please.  They both are shy as well.  Micah still loves his blue blanket so much.  Levi is our adventurous eater.  All three big boys can ride bikes without training wheels, they all learned last summer.  The twins are very fast, Noah is slowing down on his bike now, which beaks my heart.  Caleb is so very energetic and full of life, riding so fast with his training wheels, reminding me everyday that he's a bug boy! He tells me this all the time! His hair is so so blonde, and his curls are precious!  I won't cut them off!  Each one of them I love so much.  Can't imagine if we hadn't had any of them.  So glad we gave our family over to God.  He has planned it so perfectly.  Life is overwhelming at times, but so so sweet and precious.  My heart is overwhelmed by live for them.  I want them to know how much I love them, and that they details of their young lives imam trying to sear into my mind forever.  I take pictures to remember, and I desperately want to hold on to the happy details of their childhoods.  I feel guilt when I miss writing down the dates of some of those milestones, but know I watching them pass with my eyes wide open.  I am here for each one that passes, I get to be with you all day everyday, and that brings me great joy.

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