Monday, August 16, 2010

August and everything after...

My mom's birthday was yesterday, and we also celebrated Chris's birthday so we hung out at my mom's and at Nick's parents the whole afternoon and evening. It was a nice family day. It has finally been hotter these last few days...not that I want it to be! We have had a mild summer so far thankfully! It has been such a blessing for it to not be so hot while I am pregnant and taking kids places in a van with crappy air-conditioning! Anyway, today we stayed home and I cleaned the house, and it was mostly too hot to even go outside, even with the kiddie pool! The babies are definately taking off with their language development. Levi seems to say a few more words than Micah, but they are pretty neck and neck. In just this past week they have both said "outside" and "poop". Haha. Micah actually said it right when I went into his room to get him from his nap, and sure enough he had gone! It is so neat to see them start to communicate with words and not just crying, whining, etc. My little babies are getting big right before my eyes!
In other news, Noah has been continuing to wake up every single night and come into out room saying he is scared/needs to potty/water, etc. I need to do something about it since it has been about 7 weeks now that he has been doing it. It isn't good for his sleep or mine to be fragmented every night! I think it is making us both cranky during the day. I have been reading like crazy this summer, including "Healthy Sleep Habits" so I have it fresh in my mind how important unbroken sleep it. I know I have enough of that coming my way in 3 months, so I'd like to at least be rested up before that starts! :) Anyway, I have also been reading every midwife/homebirth book I can get my hands on. I offically hired our midwife, Coley Douglass at the end of July, so I am doing a homebirth officially! I am very excited, and am going to be starting "hypnobabies" childbirth education next month. Such an experience it has been becoming educated about this the last 2 months. I am currently still fighting the insurance company to pay the $3,800 it will cost, though they will gladly pay over 10K at the hospital. So stupid. Anyway, I am currently appealing their decision not to pay, so I will just have to keep at it till they give in!
Noah is getting so big and is a pro at riding his big boy bike with training wheels. It is so darn cute, and he really is very good at it, making all these quick little circles, and using the backpedal brake and everything. It is so fun watching him grow. He is really a sweet boy most of the time, and will just randomly say, "I love you Mommy" all the time. He is also really excited about the new baby, and remembers in prayer to pray for the "one on the way" he says! :) He also will say, "Mommy, your belly is getting bigger, bigger." The other day he asked me if I wanted to watch a cartoon, or go outside, or just sit down and be pregnant! Hehe too funny, out of the mouths of children! I love my kiddos.

Nick and I are always fighting now about WOW, and we don't really do anything together. I am trying to figure out some marriage counseling for us, though he acts like he will be unwilling to go. I am feeling at my wits end, and am pretty unhappy as far as marriage goes right now. I am totally commited, and I love him, I am just not happy in my marriage right now, and I would like to be. I know he is not happy either, and I would really liek to get some encouragment and try to fix things. I know it will only get harder when this baby is born, so fixing it now would be better than later.

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