Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rehersal dinner

Brianna and Ricky's rehersal dinner was tonight. I took Noah and Micah, but had to leave Levi with my parents since Nick is still out town in Blythe for work until tommorow. They had a pool and Noah and Micah both got to go in, which was great considering it was 103 degrees today! And the air barely works on teh is completely miserable to drive in let me tell ya! Anyway, there was no way I could chase both babies around the pool, it just wouldn't be safe, so that's why Levi stayed home. My parents think Levi tolerates me leaving better, and that's why he satyed with them and not Micah. I think they both have their moments of being mroe clingy personally. Anyway, Micah got his diaper soaked in the pool and then peed in his shorts so he was running around the rehersal naked with just shoes on for a little bit. His little booty was so darn cute. The house where they are getting married has an awesome backyard, and I think it is going to go off really well. Only two more days. Noah is actually really excited and he wants to walk down the aisle now too! I am glad because he is going to be in Mike and Jessica's wedding in April, and I think he might actually do it! He is so darn cute, adn gets so excited about weddings...He got to go to Gale and Lee's too, so now he knows what they are all about. We didn't bring floaties to the rehersal, because I didn't know they were going to be swimming, and I really wished I had brought them. Noah LOVES going in big pools, and he told me tonight, "We should get a big pool at out house." I love his innocence and honesty, and I will protect it for as long as I can. It is gone too soon these days in kids, and I want to protect it in mine as long as I can. Today was a long day, but I wouldn't trade being a stay-at-home-mom for ANYTHING, and I know I will look back at these days and miss them when they are over!
Here are some pictures of Noah from yesterday. He painted a little, and then painted himself. Duh, right!? He has been making a lot of messes lately, so I thought I would give him more outlet for his creativity and maybe he won't mess as much. Either way he likes it and it is good for him. Oh, my sweet boy! He also made a little kitchen concotion with ingredients I let him use. Look yummy, huh?! He had a lot of un doing it...until he put some of it into the toaster, and then his fun was done! :/

Oh yes, Levi got avacado ALL over his face yesterday night at dinner, and had quite a fun time doing it. He is such a little character.

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