Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's HOT! and a homebirth!

It has been so hot the last few days! No matter that summer is officially over, it really isn't. The next 10 days on weather.com showed the lowest temp @ 86. I just can't bring myself to pull out any fall decorations until it starts feeling a little more like fall! I am definately over this heat, even though we really haven't had a very hot summer overall. Micah started shaking his head up and down for "yes". They both emphatically will shake their heads "no", but yes is a new thing for Micah. I don't think I have seen Levi do it yet. Levi makes the funniest throaty noise though. I really can't write anything down that would remotely translate what it sounds like though. It is cute though! Noah also will revert to making baby sounds to get what he wants, but I just correct him to use words. He has a HUGE vocabulary, and is really advanced in terms of language. I think it has really helped how much reading he has heard. Lately he is being too funny. He doesn't want me to read him books, but to TELL him stories. "Tell me a mommy story", "Tell me a Noah story", and tonight, "Tell me a mommy and Noah story when mommy was big and when Noah was little." I told him about going to library story time when he was about as old as the babies are now. He loves it! It's harder to think up stories, than to just read one, but he is just so into right now, and it's really cute!
I am battling the babies climbing onto everything right now. It's really bad...they climb on top of the changing table together, and today freaked me out big time when they were up on the TV stand. Levi was actually behind the TV. Don't even want to think of what could have happened. They understand no now, but you have to just keep repeating and swatting, and removing them. It is sooooo tiring with two of them! It is crazy how many times a day I have to correct and say no! I now hate the word no! Sheesh! :/ I love my babies though. I ccan't believe they are going to be big brothers is about 6 short weeks. Ready or not baby #4 is on his/her way VERY soon! Hypnobabies is going good, really helping me to relax and I am really excited about the upcoming birth, and feeling mroe and mroe confident daily. I am reading a really good research book about homebirth midwives, and I am so glad and thankful I discovered all of the information now, and am able to be having a homebirth. Still unsure if the insurance will pay (probably not) but either way we are paying for it and it is happening! SO excited!

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