Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Cal Poly Pumpkin Festival today. It was raining at our house and I was almost not sure if we should go, but I am so glad we did! It didn't rain there until right as we got back to the car, so it was perfect! The kids loved running through all the pumpkins, and I got some really cute pictures of them all. It was also Amanda's 22nd bday celebration tonight, so we went to my parents and the whole family was there. The kids had fun playing with James and Lincoln. James is so cute with his little fangs! hehe. Anyway, this past week Micah learned how to open the round knob on our bedroom door! No! And both babies learned to climb up the slide into the playhouse, so I gave in and just put the stair back on so they can go up that way. All three of them kept going around and around, up the stairs and back down the slide. They love that they can get up there! Now hopefully no one falls out and breaks something...knock on wood!
The baby is really getting cramped in my belly, and squirming around. Am feeling lots of pressure and having to go to the potty soo often. Am curious how long I will stay pregnant...still have 3 weeks and 5 days to go till the "due" date, which is really just a guess. Am hoping it's not much longer than that! Can't believe we are adding another sweet baby to our family. Can't wait to find out if it's a bot or a girl! Enjoying being prgnant though still...just love feeling a baby move in my belly! The greatest thing about being pregnant! Can't wait to meet you little one. I have an apt. with the midwife this thursday...I'll be 37 weeks on Friday! The I will have made it to full term. I am so blessed to have no complications so far, and am blessed to have always avoided prematurity, and any NICU stays, even with the twins! Thank you Jesus for my healthy children.

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