Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rainy Day

It has been rainy for the past three days..which doesn't completely stop the boys from playing outside. They all 3 love it even when they are getting soaked! Noah was at my mom's today for half the day hanging out with her, but I let the babies outside after dinner because they had been cooped up inside all day, and the had a blast! They are so cute running around together, falling down and laughing in the grass, and kicking and throwing balls around. Hard to imagine they couldn't even walk just 5 months ago! Time goes so fast, and babies grow so darn fast! Anyway, Nick was home from work today, he wasn't feeling too great, and all three boys have gotten colds also. I don't have one yet...keeping my fingers crossed!
I just finished folding and putting away some teeny, tiny neutral colored baby clothes. That kind of laundry didn't even feel like work! I enjoyed myself while doing it! :) Only 3 weeks till my "due date"...so I am trying to be prepared early...but allowing for the possibility of going over too! Don't want to set myself up for dissapointment. I am trying to relish the last little bit of being pregnant, and the last little bit of the babies being the babies, ya know. I hate for them to seem grown up overnight, which I realize they will probably seem to have once this baby is born. I just hate that period right after a baby (or two!) is born where everything feel so upside down and things feel like they won't ever seem "normal" again! I am hoping maybe I won't feel like that this time...I know it is hormones and maybe it will just be different this time!
We had our hypnobabies class last night, and I need to go practice it now. I know it will work if I practice and stick to it, so I have to practice while I have time left to do it! Night!

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