Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby teeth, and a baby (still in the oven!)

Levi got his top right eye tooth on October 21, and Micah got his top right eye tooth on October 23. Then Levi's top left eye tooth came in on October 27, followed by Micah's top left eye tooth coming in on October 29. They must be identical I tell ya! Now Levi's bottom right eye tooth just popped out today, and Micah's is just bursting to come through also, so probably any day now. They are too funny with their similarities! Yet they have their own little quirks and differences, and they are very easy for mommy to tell apart. Both babies will shake their heads emphatically up and down to tell you yes right now. It is adorable...and helpful! :)
Noah is still in his stage of wanting me to tell stories to him instead of reading, and he is developing quite the imagination! He will tell me exactly what kind of story he wants me to tell him, in great detail, and once he tells me, I tell him...but now you just told ME the story! But he will insist, No, tell it to me now, so I repeat what he has just told me to tell him. He is so funny! He also just mimicks and repeats ways that Nick and I talk, or expressions we use. He definately notices everything, and is always listening. Like talking about our budget to me. I certainly wasn't talking to him about our budget, but he was listening when Nick and I were discussing it, and he was paying attention! NOah is still getting up kind of often during the night, and saying he is scared, or wants to cuddle, or has to pee. I haven't dealt with it very consistently because I don't want to be harsh, and I am hoping it is a phase and will end on its own. This makes me a bit nervous with the baby coming soon, but we will see how it goes. Hopefully we don't have to try anything drastic to get him to sleep all night.
Speaking of the "due" date was 2 days ago, and I am still holding out strong. Baby just isn't ready to make his/her appearance yet, and the anticipation is killing me! (and all my friends on facebook aparently, haha) We want to know if you are a boy or a girl, little one! :) Anyway, I am getting pretty uncomfortable and feeling lots of low movements/pressure, but still nothing! We thought it was time on the evening of the 11th, but what I though was increasing intensity pressure waves, fizzeled out to nothing after about 3 hours of increasing steadily! ANd since then almosy nothing has been going on! So who knows. Just using these last days (weeks!?) to snuggle the other three, and ponder how our lives will all change again with the addition of a new little person to our family. I don't relish the adjustment period of post-partum emotions, but I am hoping this time with a natural delivery things will be different. Either way, I know those crazy emptions onyl last for a bit, and then things feel normal again, so I will remember that! Anyway, any day now, we will be a family of 6! :)

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