Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January is the new December

So, our Christmas lights are still up. Not only that, but I just inplugged them from the timer that automatically turned them on every night, so thye just stopped coming on 3 days ago! We were the only ones on the block, or anywher around really, that I still saw with lights that were actually turning on every night! That's pretty bad! Definately gonna bug Nick to take them down soon, so we don't become one of "those" people! haha!
I never got a chance to post anything about Christmas since it was such a crazy day having a newborn, along with the other kiddos. I didn't even take very many pictures, and we didn't even get a family picture! We had Christmas morning first at our own house, then we went to my parents house, followed by Nick's parents house in the afternoon, which is usually what we do every year. We always read the story of Jesus' birth on Christmas morning before we open presents. Here Micah and Levi are listening to Daddy read!

Here is Caleb on his very first Christmas! I added the bow because he was feeling very festive. Caleb wasn't very big into opening gifts this year. ha! He really prefered to spend his first Christmas sleeping in my sling and nursing, which was fine by me!

The boys big present from mommy and daddy was a play kitchen. I decided to spend a little more on a nice wood set, rather then some cheap painted or plastic one that would fall apart quickly. I was really happy with it, and so are they! :) Of course they got some play food to go with it, and aprons and a shopping cart from auntie Manda.

Can't believe that just last year was Micah and Levi's first Christmas, and now this year was Caleb's! How things change in only one short year!

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