Saturday, January 22, 2011


Took the twins to my parents house to work in the yard with them today. They love helping out doing yardwork. It is adorable. They were helping prune the apple tree today. Then, in a major breakthrough, they took a nap at grammy's house! They used to literally scream when I tried to lay them down there, and if they did fall asleep finally, it would be for a really short time. Today they slept for almost 3 hours! Woohoo, am I excited that I can give them naps over there now, and not always have to be leaving to go home in time for naps. Maybe the twins can even spend the night with grammy and papa sometime now! They have never ever done that! Anyway, I may have to get a crib tent and pack and play tent though, because Levi was trying to get out of the crib I guess. My mom just gave him a little swat and told him not to get out, and then he stopped I guess.

Anyhow, while they were over there I went to Target with Nat, Noah, and Caleb, and then Jess met us there. Caleb slept like a little angel in my mei tai while we were shopping. I was beyond excited because they are remodeling Target and adding a fresh grocery section, and they got new carts that will fit 3 kids! Now I will be able to go to Target by myself, and this makes me WAY too happy! Seriously, it is sad how excited I am about this! I even made Jessica take a picture of it!

Oh yeah, we went to Chick-fil-a before Target for lunch, which is pretty much my favorite fast food restaurant. Yum...chick-fil-a sauce!

Wanted to mention something Noah said the other day, and I meant to write it on facebook and I forgot. I had told Noah I would get him something or other once Caleb was done eating lunch, as in nursing. Noah looks at my with a grin and says, "Don't you mean drinking his lunch!" Hehe...what a smart little boy! :)

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