Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old school pool

Nick's Dad found this pool at a garage sale the other day, and he gave it to us to use. We had one like this when I was a kid. I like it because the kids can't press on the side and let all the water out. And by kids, I mean the twins. They kept doing it to our blow-up pool, and it was making Noah crazy, which in turn was making me crazy due to the screaming. Ah. No more screaming. At least not over the pool. Ha.

Caleb loves this pool a whole lot. He crawls all over it, and pulls himself up to the side, and splashes like crazy. He loves the water in general. He crawls into the bathroom when he hears me turn on the water to give baths! All of our babies have been water babies, and Caleb is no different!

The boys also adore the little water slide this pool has. And I adore watching them enjoy going down it. Life is good, espeically in the month of June. Yay for summer!

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