Monday, November 21, 2011


Ice froze the door handles of Nick's truck thid morn before work.  He ended up accidentally breaking a window trying to get in.  Spent an hour in the 30 degree weather and then had to call off work.  Garage parking from now on!  We are so new at this whole freezing weather thing!  Anyhow, we used the day to go to Costco and get some things for thanksgiving, and boy was Costco packed!  It was insane!  They must have had like 1,000 pumokin pies there too!

We are doing Thanksgiving at out house this year!  That's a first.  I am supposed to make an edible turkey, so we will see how that goes.  At this point it is still frozen solid attempting to be defrosted while in the fridge.  Oh, boy.

The twins are started to remember and "read" certain books with me.  Well, really just the one.  Go Away Dog.  Every night they tell me "read the dog".  I LOVE hearing them learn and remember stories.  It is adorable, and I really can't believe just one year ago they really only said, mamma, dadda, and baby.  MY how they are grown from babies to toddlers, and now on the brink of full out little boys.  Be still for a while clock.

Caleb is pretty much amazing!  He is definitely advanced both physically and verbally!  He can now say hot, ball, mama, dada, no, and uh oh!  He actually said four words in a row once..."no no don't touch" after we told him that a bunch of times regarding the wood burning stove.  Amazingly, he just knows it's hot and pretty much doesn't touch it.  There have been no burns.

Noah is still our little softy, and pretty sensitive.  He LOVES playing with Chey Chey, and he is just growing so fast.  He is very perceptive, and really understands peoples feelings.  He is also a very big rule follower.  He will remind you to put on your seat belt, and not go to fast so you don't get a ticket.  If he thinks a rule is being broken, he reminds me to keep it!  Funny boy.  He still lvoe being told stories.  He will listen to a book being read, but prefers for me to tell him a story.

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