Sunday, November 13, 2011

We went to church today for the second time at our new "Hillside" in Wrightwood!  Noah did really good going into his class, especially since Jackson is in his class!  Micah and Levi screamed for WAY less time than they did last week, and Caleb made it throught the whole service with out them having to page me!  I guess he cried on and off though.  I REALLY hated to leave him.  He was clinging to me whiel I sat in there for a while trying to get him used to it, but I finally just went out quickly.  I LOVE that he wants to be by my side, but I would like it if he could just spend that one hour in there so I can hear the message and not be sad that he is sad.  Hopefully it gets better!
Poor Micah and Levi too!  They are just not used to getting left with strangers!  I don't blame them for screaming, but they will obviously do better if we go every week!  Hopefully they don't get sick as much as they did from church last year!

Noah, Micah and Levi all got really sick from church just last week!  It started on Wednesday with Micah and Levi having 104 fevers and both throwing up, but only once each.  Then it was gone as quickly as it came on, within one day.  Then Noah came down on Thursday and was over it by Friday!  Thank goodness it was short lived, and PRAISE Jesus Caleb didn't get it!  I think my breastmilk played a part in protecting him from getting sick!  God designed human milk so wonderfully amazing!  I am so thankful!

Anyhow, we made breakfast burritos at Jeremiah and Nicole's after church and Noah stayed when we took the other boys home for naps, and watched Cars2 with his cousins!  What a big boy he is getting to be!

The three littlest ones napped for 2 hours....all at the same time!  Glorious!  I took a nap myself, and actually woke on my own without being woken by someone else!  That almost NEVER happens to my sleep!  What a great feeling! 

Overall, a very relaxing and restful day!  Thank you Jesus!

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