Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Had a riveting discussion on facebook this morning likening the new illegal citizen law in Arizona to questioning could-be prostitutes. Awesome. So fitting for today!Made some yummy carne asada tonight! It was sooo time I am gonna marinate it even longer, since I only did for an hour today. Anyway, my parents and Nat came over for dinner, and mom made her fabulous salsa and spanish rice. YUM! Amanda also stopped by for like 3 minutes to eat...whatever! ;) Earlier in the afternoon Mom came by and watched the boys while I went to the grocwey store. It is amazing how an hour of grocery shopping alone actually qualifies as a break! haha! She let the boys all play outside the whole time I was gone, and they loved it! It was warm enough that she puty a little water in the blow up pool, and they all wen to town! Micah wouldn't stop trying to drink it, of course! That kid always try to drink bath water, and other inappropriate water, even when he has a cup full sitting right by him! Silly! He hasn't quite figured out that he shouldn't breathe while his face is in it either, so he will start choking after he breathes water in! It scares me! Anyway, all three of those boys love being outside, and I love it too! I am just waiting for the babies to walk now though, so they will stop eating rocks and dirt as much when we are out there! :) They are both walking a little, Levi a little more so, and they are really making progress. It is so cute watching them learn, and even cuter that they are still so wobly! Love this time in their lives!

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