Thursday, May 6, 2010

Memorial Park

Took the kids to Memorial Park today in Upland for the first time. Just me and them. Babies tried to eat lots of wood chips. Noah was digging watching rollerbladers at the skate park. Noah didn't want to go down any slides there by himself because they were really steep! Love this park because it is so shaded, with trees right inside the playground part, not just on the sides of it. Will definetly be utiliizing this park again during the summer. We saw a little boy today who was almost three years old and he couldn't speak any words. Just a bunch of jibberish. He was very friendly and outgoing, so I don't think he could be autistic, and he didn't seem to be retarded or anything like that either. He just talked like a baby of maybe 12-18 months. It was sad, and I don't think his parent's thought their was anything wierd about it. His dad just said that he was big for his age and was almost three, and that's why he talked like that. I felt bad for him, and a little funny when he kept coming up to me and having a full on conversation with me in jibberish. Anyhow, the babies both took a 2 hour morning nap, but then Micah completely rejected the afternoon nap, even though he had been up for 4 hours, and Levi fell asleep a the last minute, after an hour of being in there awake. So, Micah went to bed at 6:45, and Levi went down at 8:05, since he didn't wake up from the nap till 5:30. It is definately a sign that the morning nap is on it's way out, even though it will be a long road till it's gone all the way. Noah was done with it by 14 months, but he was very hard to keep awake for a few months trying to get him to push the one nap later into the afternoon. We will see how it all pans out! I am always a little sad to see the morning nap go, but then it is also freeing to only have one nap a day...which we better enjoy for at lwast a little bit before a million naps a day starts back over with the new little one. It's quite OK though, I love me my babies! :)

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