Thursday, May 13, 2010


Micah loves to suck his left thumb while cuddling his silky blue blanket close to his face, while Levi loves to suck his right first and middle fingers. He has a brown silky blanket that he is starting to like more and more, and he does hold it close to his face when he is going to bed sometimes,but he definately doesn't like itas much as Micah does. Levi has now got this walking thing down! He does it all the time,and for long distances, like over 20 steps at a time! Sooo cute! Micah takes a few steps still, but boy does he have climbing down! Up onto the dining room chairs, and onto the table, scaling the side of Noah's bed, and actually almost making it up! He is nuts! I have to watch them both constantly! I also have to make sure the bathroom and my bedroom doors are always shut, because those are the first two places they always try to get into! If I notice they are missing all the sudden I run to my room, and if the door is open they are undoubtedly going straight into our bathroom to climb into the bathtub or the shower! They know they aren't supposed to go in there, so that's exatly where they go! Oh yes, differences,not simliarities! It's not this way now, but I think I forgot to every write it down, so for the record, Micah used to like to bed rocked in the rocking chair, and Levi much prefered me standing and bouncing him up and down a bit, or just standing up and rocking rather than me sitting. Also,Levi was first afraid of the vacuum, and Micah wasn't. Then Levi wasn't scared of it anymore, but then I accidentally ripped Micah sock off of him with the vacuum when I got to close to his foot,so then he was terrifed! That was several months ago though, so luckily I cannow vacuum with either of them around with no problem! :)
Thought I should add while I am remembering it, that Noah says "esteryday" for yesterday, and "earf" instead of earth. Love it! :)

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