Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flipping over, pushing up and speaking out!

Just this past week Caleb started flipping from his tummy to his back a few times. I would go to get him up from his nap, and he would be smiling up at me from his back, even though I put him down for his nap on his belly!

Then, just yesterday he was trying to push up on his hands and knees a little bit when I had him on his tummy! I was so shocked to see him do this already, and I got a little teary! My baby is already getting so big! And yet he is still soooo little!

Now today when I layed him down for bed he kept flipping to his back! I went in twice to flip him back on his tummy, but he wouldn't stay put! Finally he fell asleep in his back, on his own! Considering he hasn't slept on his back in over 2 months, I am pretty happy it only took a few times of flipping him over, and a tiny bit of fussing for him to fall asleep on his back. I didn't think he would do that well! Anyway, we will see what kind of naps he will have tomorrow! I am hoping they don't go terribly! Fingers crossed!

Oh yes, he also scoots backwards! I had him on my bed on his tummy, and he wiggles and pushes around, scooting himself backwards as he does it. He went backwards from one end of the bed to the other in just a few minutes! Before long he will be on the go, and I am gonna be in trouble! ;)

I have to report also that Noah cracks me up, and I love how he says things. Sometimes I don't realized the cute way he pronounces things because I am so used to hearing him say it that way! Today I noticed he says:
Some instead of thumb. He also still says free for three, and fink for think, and grill for girl.
We were talking about honeymoons today at bedtime, and he called it a moonhoney! I giggled so hard on the inside! He is so sweet, and curious, and smart! He notices everything, even subtle things like peoples moods.
He told me I hurt his feelings tonight because I snapped at him to not come back out of the bathroom until he went poddy! I don't want to hurt my little boy's feelings, and he helped me realize how sensitive he can be!
He will randomly tell me he loves me, and call me his best mommy ever.
He asked me yesterday, "We don't like being sick, right mom!?"
He still loves me to tell him stories at bedtime, sing him "more than enough", and watch him at the door for "1 more minute".
We were talking about loosing teeth, and about how he would grow big teeth, and he said he didn't want to grow big teeth! I said I didn't want him to either! I am glad we are on the same page with this whole growing up thing!

Oh, how I will miss my little boys when they are all grown up!!!

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