Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wacky Weather and a Wedding

Seriously, this weird spring weather needs to make up it's mind! Rain and cold, then 90 degrees, and now rain and cold again! We had just enough of a taste of the warm weather to make me long for summer, and now it's gone again! Boo! Allison's wedding is tomorrow! I am super nervous about leaving Caleb being over an hour away, and I am toying with the idea of taking him. I am actually quite seriously considering it! I really don't want to leave him. The only reason I don't want to take him is that I don't want to disturb his sleep. But I am afriad he will wake to nurse for comfort and be pissed if my mom tries to give him a bottle. We should have tried it before, but we didn't. We shall see. The boys are all getting colds again. I am at my wits end about it, because it is all because of church. EVERY time we go they get sick. Then we wait until they are better, miss one sunday, go back, and it all starts over again. We are getting really tired of the cycle! Why do people bring their sick kids to church. I think it's rude!

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