Thursday, May 26, 2011

8th grade graduation and ramblings

Today Nat graduated from 8th grade! We got her flowers, and she was embarrassed! The kids played in the fountain outside of Panera bread. They loved it. Caleb slept in my sling while we walked across the parking lot to target to buy milk. The twin fell asleep on the car ride home, but luckily went back to sleep when I put them in their cribs. Noah went home with my mom. We went to mom's house after the twins nap, and I made Salmon tacos. Nick met us there after work. Caleb took three 45 minute naps today. He fell asleep while I nursed him for his afternoon nap, and I fell asleep right there with him. My favorite. I took an adorable picture of him wearing a super hero mask. Noah is adamant about not wanting to share his room with Micah and Levi, and he is adamant that he want a metal bunk bed, not a wood one! Where on earth did he get such a strong opinion about those two things? I thought he would like sharing a room, at least still at age 4! What the? I have eaten left-over ice cream cake every night since my birthday! I need to just throw it away, seriously!

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