Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bunk beds and twinsies

I want to get bunk beds for Noah's room. I am planning to put one crib where the bottom bunk goes, and the other crib somewhere in there. Caleb has been waking @ 5:30ish every morning and won't go back to sleep. I think it is because he knows I am right there in the room, so I am thinking I should figure out a way for him to have his own room. The bunk bed idea is all I got, and there is no way I am taking the twins out of their cribs yet. Noooo wayyyy! Anyway, we are gonna try and find some on Saturday.

Caleb can officially babble things that sound like mama, dada, papa, baba. It is so adorable. He is so squishy. And so smiley. And so precious. He can also veyr nearly sit himself up. And if he is sat up, he can sit there for more than 5 minutes. My baby is growing so fast. He has 2 teeth now also. The second one came in May 13th. He rarely bits me while nursing.

Micah and Levi have been saying each others names for about a month. Levi says Mi-cAH, with a heavy emphasis on the AH! It sounds a bit like he has a Hebrew accent. Ha! Micah says Wevi. Actually they both say all 'L' sounds, like a 'W'. I love it. I looove hearing them call to each other. Levi kept calling out to Micah the other day at bedtime because Micah had already fallen asleep. "Micah, come on!" he kept saying it, over and over. Micah is so used to sleeping while Levi makes noise though, that he didn't wake up! It was so cute hearing Levi call for his brother!

The other day I was brushing Levi's teeth and he was looking at himself in the bathroom mirror. I said, who is that? And he took another look, smiled and said, "Micah!" Umm, I love him! It must be a little confusing....he's trying to figure out how a mirror works, but every time he look at Micah it is like he IS looking in a mirror! How is a 2year old supposed to understand that!

The twins have started asking "why" about everything! I can't believe it starts this soon! Levi also says, "A different one". He said this when he wanted a different bottle (I mean sippy cup, right, cause I totally weaned them from the bottle already) because the nipple had too big of a slit in it! He also said it when he wanted buckled in the front car seat instead of the back one. The twins BOTH still eat playdough, and crayons! Why?! I have no idea! Are they missing some sort of vitamins?!

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