Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bedtime stories...

Noah's current favorite bedtime story is the Big Block Chevy Performance is hillarious! It has tons of pictures of Camaros and other cars, and all these different engine parts, and he likes to look at the pictures and have me describe everything, even though I really have no clue what I am talking about! He is such a boy! Everything he sees in the book he says, "That makes the car go bery, bery fast!" He is sooo cute! There is also a picture of some kind of springs, and he said they were for in case the car needs to jump :) Then I pretended to pull the springs out of the book and hook them onto his feet so he could jump, and he thought it was funny! Then he wanted to put the springs on my feet, so I let him, and then I jumped up and down, touching the ceiling fan and making it spin! He totoally dug this, and got a huge kick out of it! I LOVE this boy!
Levi and Micah are both getting curls! I LOVE IT! Of course they both have them in the exact same place, right at the base of their neck! I don't think Noah's curls developed until after he turned one, so I think theirs have appeared sooner! Levi started shaking his head no today. We tell him no when he tries to touch the computer and shake our heads no, and he started mocking us. It's soo cute! Micah is our crazy little climber! He climbs up on everything...up onto this little rocking chair we have, and climbing in and out of the cozy coupe! He is funny, and so rambunctious!

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