Sunday, February 7, 2010

Slinging Superbowl Sunday

Levi's 5th tooth broke through today...the second tooth on the top right! I can't believe he already has 5 teeth, which he uses to bite me while he nurses! Man, does it hurt! Micah does it too, especially right at the end of nursing when they are's like their signal they are done! Ouch! Nursing is still going really well though, besides that! I have plenty of milk, and I think I will keep nursing for 6 more months. I love doing it, and it is so much easier than bottles, so as long as they want to, I think I will continue! It is always so hard to stop for me, and such a sign of not being a baby anymore once it is done! Man, I love my babies. They are simply so sweet and are developing the cutest little personalities. Micah has been having so much fun in the bathtub lately! He slips and slides all over on purpose, and just cracks me up! Noah is too funny also...last night he called me into his room after her has already been laying down for about an hour and melted my heart with his words!
Noah: Mommy, get in my bed with me. I'm sad. I need you.
Of course there was no resisting that...not that I should even try! I know one day soon, he will never make that request of me again! So, I obliged him...I crawled in bed with him, and before I knew it we had both fallen asleep! Nick finally came looking for me, and woke me up! Ah, I love my Noah!
Today was the Superbowl and we had my parents, Nat, Aaron, Ashley and James, Kristi and Grandpa Art over. We had lots of yummy food, and a good time! James was the first tiny baby I got to test out my sling on, and he slept like a rock in it for about an hour! It was pretty awsome! :) He was simply so sweet curled up in a little ball with his hands near his face!

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