Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Buying a house...or not!

Got pre-qualified for a house today...but don't think we are going to buy one right now after all! Joan told me that most houses are going for MORE than the list price right now! Geez! So, we got pre-qualified for 250K which means we would need to look for houses in the 220K range. There is nothing I would be willing to live in for that...not even in Fontana! Man! Well, we just have to be patient and trust God. I know that eventually it will happen for us, and I am just trying to be patient.
Levi started making baskets in the little hoop today, and putting little toys into baskets! He is soo cute, and was so pround of himself for doing it, and I even got him on film doing it!
Micah was cracking me up today putting his head inside a clearish bucket and going "ahhhh"! He was loving the echo his voice made! What a cutie!
Noah had fun today pushing his baby around in the stroller I fixed, and also dragging a wagon around. He also learned about the letter "B" today, and was not a fan of the "Baby Bumblebee" song. Noah really wanted to go outside today or go to the park, but it was freezing and kept raining on and off, so we couldn't. I hope it warms up soon!
Micah and Levi have started giving kisses! When we say "Ah! You're sooo sweet!" they will kiss each other, or anyone who is near! It is so very sweet! Noah likes to get in on the action too! They are all so sweet to each other most of the time, and it warms my heart to see them loving on each other. I love my family, and love that this house is so full of LOVE!

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