Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Love was in the air at the LA Zoo...

We had the delightful opportunity of witnessing giraffes mating yesterday when we went to the zoo, but luckily the kids were oblivious, so we were able to avoid any awkward explanations. Based on the size of certain parts that were involved in the, ahem, mating process, I am surprised they didn't notice! haha I didn't take any pictures of this, but an entire group of Jr. High students took plenty!
Anyhow, the weather was perfect, there was no crowd whatsoever, and the kids had so much fun! I didn't get one picture of them all looking at the camera since they were way too busy checking everything out to turn around and look at their mama! They were even able to find some time to squeeze one of their favorite activities in...climbing! And for once it wasn't climbing on our furniture! Bonus!

Caleb was such a good boy on his very first trip to the zoo! He slept peacfully in my sling for naps, and then rode in the stroller for a little bit while he was awake. Here he is enjoying the kangaroo, which you can see in the background. This is proof that he was really there, and we can actually leave the house with all 4 children in tow!
Ricky, Brianna, and Cheyanne met up with us yesterday, and Noah and Cheyanne had way too much fun playing with the zoo map. I think they were pretending to be our little tour guides! They were too cute!

This is a really cool viewing area where you can see some monkey's that the boys all thought was like a tree house. It was pretty cool!

Before bed I asked Noah to name which animals he liked the most and he said 1) the elephants, because they are so big and strong 2) Giraffes, cause their necks are really long and 3) the Condor, which he wanted get on and fly. I have to say my favorite part was seeing the elephants as well! They are so beautiful and smart too! One of them was bobbing it's head in time to some music the zoo was playing! It was so cute!

Overall, based on this picture, I think Micah may have had the most fun!

The twins missed their regularly scheduled naps at 1, so by the time we got in the car at 4, it took about 5 minutes for them both to pass out!

Noah stayed awake the whole way home though, apparently while needing to use the bathroom! What a trooper!

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