Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Made green pancakes for breakfast this morning. Nick stayed home from work so we could take Micah to the Dr. to see about his foot. They took an x-ray of his foot, and there was nothing broken! Thank you Jesus! I was not relishing the idea of Micah's foot in a cast! He was sooo good during the whole appointment! I think he really enjoyed having some time with most of mommy and daddy's attention. I had Caleb with me but he was asleep. It was really nice to just have one big kid with us to give attention as well. It felt like a break! Imagine having 2 kids under two at a Dr. appointment feeling like a break! ha ha!

Then tonight I made corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and Mom and Dad and Nat came over to share it with us. Gale came over as well, but she left before we ate it! Yum! Last year I made it for the first time, and I remember not liking it. This year I realize I didn't like it last year because I was about 5 and a half weeks pregnant with Caleb and my morning sickness was just about to start, so I think that had a whole lot to do with why I didn't like it! This year I thought it was pretty tasty!

I took these pictures of Caleb today, and I love them. His eyes are beautiful and his skin is so soft and perfect. Ah, my baby!

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