Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pizza and Cookies and No More Crib

We took Noah's crib down out of his room today. He has already been sleeping in the toddler bed, but we never took the crib heart wasn't ready to see it gone! Noah actually asked us to take out "that big crib" so he had more room to play! So, that did it for me, so down it came! He hhappily helped Daddy take it down too! I moved Levi's crib down today from the highest level to the lowest since he pulled up onto his knees in there. He couldn't fall out on his knees, but he could if he stands up, which he hasn't done yet, but probably will soon! Now I am going to have to lower Micah's tomorrow, because he pulled up onto his knees right after I finished lowering Levi's crib. I didn't have time to do his today, but will tomorrow for sure! I did about 5 loads of laundry today, and still have at least 3 more to do! I always try to get it all done in one day, but it just never seems to happen...there is just too much! For dinner tonight Noah and I made Boboli Pizza. He had so much fun smearing the sauce on, sprinkling the cheese, and putting the pepperoni's on just where he wanted them.. He is at a stage right now of wanting to help me do everything...vacuum, push the start button on the microwave (which he calls microhaive), change brothers diapers, put clothes in the washer or dryer, wash the car...anything and's cute! I do have to remind myself sometimes to just slow down and let him help, when I feel like just rushing and getting the job done fast. I love that he loves the help me in the kitchen, and I really hope I can help him foster a love of cooking! I would love to have one of my sons like to cook, since I may never have any girls to do it with! ;) Jess and I watched "The Family Stone" tonight, and I was very excited because afterward I made chocolate chip cookies that didn't turn out as flat as pancakes!!! I think it is a first for me! I usually use the mixer, and I think I over-mix, so I used my hand to mix it (literally) and it totally worked! The curse is lifted! haha

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