Thursday, December 17, 2009

Before the Blog Began...

Micah started sitting himself up the week of Thanksgiving...November 21 was the first day he did it...I caught the picture of the VERY first time...yeah! I LOVE being able to see all of my kids firsts. I am SO blessed to stay at home and raise my boys and take care of our family! About a week later, Levi basically did it too, but he leans to the side a little still if he sits up on his own. Micah sits up really straight, like it is just the most natural thing, which I guess it is, but it still suprises me to turn around and see him upright all on his own! My baby! The first week in December before I started this blog, Levi crawled up the step between the entry way and the living room and family room, so now the step isn't enough to contain him! Micah still hasn't gone up it yet, but he is trying, and I am sure will do it soon! Also, gave the boys cherrios for the first time this last week, and they did great! They both chewed them up like champs, so now I give them to them dry in the mornings along with oatmeal cereal and pureed peaches, pears or applesauce, sometimes with blueberries added in. We went and visited Nick in Bakerfield on Dec 2-4. It was the first time I drove a long distance with all 3 of the babies on my own. It went pretty well. On this car ride was the first time I noticed that all of the sudden Levi sucks on his left index and middle finger! All this time Micah has been thumb sucking (also the left one...Noah sucks on the right one!) and I just thought Levi wasn't going to ever do it...well he doesn't, but took to his fingers! It is soo cute, and really helps him to self-soothe.

Sat. 12-12 It rained all day today. Micah has pretty much as of today started full on crawling. Almost no more elephant seal! How quickly things change as babies learn and grow sooo fast! Seeing both babies crawling around is so cute, and I am so blessed watching them all grow. Both Micah and Levi are pulling up onto their knees to anything and everything! Hung out around the house, went to Target with Jess around 5pm for some Christmas shopping.

Sunday 12-13 Went to the fabric store to get stuff for Micah and Levi's stockings. Micah had 102 fever when he woke up from his afternoon nap. He just wanted to be cuddled most of the rest of the day, although he perked up after I finally gave him some tylenol. I hate for them to be sick and I feel so bad for them, but it is at least nice to have them be so cuddly :) I found a bed for Noah on craigslist today, and Nick went and picked it up from Corona. We got it home and got it all set up, and that's when I noticed it reeked like cigarette smoke! Nasty! We didn't like the color anyway, so now we are working on sanding it so we can restain it and reseal it to keep the smoke smell away! So, now it is probably going to take over a week until Noah can use the bed again! This was his first night in a twin bed anyway, and he loved it. My mom and Nat watched the babies for me for a little bit while I ran to Target, and my mom snapped this adorable picture...

Mon. 12-14 Nick stayed home from work today to help me with the sick kiddos, and to work on Noah's bed.

Tues. 12-15 The babies are having a little nap trouble. I am pretty sure it is due to the crawling and sitting and pulling up. Of course! Today they never slept for their middle nap at all, which NEVER happens. When I went in to get them finally, they were at the end of their cribs, closest to each other playing together through the crib slats! It was sooo cute! I said, "What are you guys doing?!" and they both gave me the biggest smiles ever! Nick gave me and early Christmas present...a sewing machine! Now I can make Micah and Levi's stockings without borrowing my Mom's machine. He sais he just couldn't wait till Christmas for me to open one of my gifts, and I really protested because I like waiting for the surprise on Christmas, but once I opened it I understood why I needed to open it early. I am excited to figure it out, and learn how to sew. How fun! :)

Wed. 12-16 Took the kids to Target today so I could get thred, scissors, and other stuff for sewing. Micah got very tired before we could make it out of there, and was crying a lot. It was sad. I try to never go anywhere unless I can be home in time for naps, but it took just a little longer than I had planned. Went on a walk to Redhill park in the late afternoon after Nick was home. Noah had a lot of fun running around, and Micah and Levi had a blast being swung in the swings by their Daddy. It is soooooo ncie that Nick is in town right now! We are all loving it! We got Dalias pizza for dinner with their antipasto salad. They are the best! When the kids were in bed, I finally got to try out my sewing machine. It is really cool. I made one stocking and it took me three hours! I still need to make one more.

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