Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Noah fell into the bathtub, babies are crawling!

I have decided to use this website to keep a diary of sorts. I am sad that I haven't done this everyday since Noah was born, but I figure better late than never...Nick continues to be
out of town for work. He is in Bakersfield right now, and it is really hard on all of us, especially Nick. He misses the kids so much, and feels like he is missing so much. We are able to talk to him on the webcam, which is nice but not the same obviously. Both babies have started crawling now! Levi first crawled last Wednesday, which was December 2, and Micah crawled yesterday on all fours. Micah has been dragging himself around in what Papa called his "elephant seal" move, and he still does that a little, but is actually doing the full on crawling thing now. They are soo cute! They follow each other around, and they follow Noah. I just never tire of being amazed at seeing two adorable babies at once, doing all the same things together. All of my children are such blessings to me. Today, Levi also pulled himself up in his crib to the rail on his knees. Neither baby has taken the step of pulling all the way up onto their feet, but it probably won't be long at the rate they are going! They just learn so much right now, literally changing on a daily basis. I get sad about it a little, and wish they would slow down a bit! Life is sweet. Today Noah fell backwards into out big bathtub with the tub full of old, cold bath water. I was right there and pulled him right out, but he was really scared and cried. He said he "drowned" in the bathtub. I have to remember to never leave bathwater in the tub again. It could have been so bad if I wasn't there. I shudder to think. We went to my Mom and Dad's today around 3:30 pm, since Nick wasn't going to be coming home. I made beef stroganof because Mom wasn't feeling well. Papa took Noah to the grocery store with him. He told him "You know what Papa? I just love you". SOOO cute! He told me the other day "Listen Mommy, I just have to say, I love you"! He talks sooo much, and is so smart, and understands so much about emotions and feelings. My baby boy is growing up too fast. I am a very blessed woman!

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