Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I tried to get laundry done and the house cleaned all day today so we could enjoy it tommorow. Of course it didn't all get done (it never does), but I made some pretty good progress. Jessica came over during the day and gave Noah and the babies a present. Clothes for Micah and Levi, and a book and a toy ambulance for Noah. He loved it! We went to my Grandma Wanda's tonight. It didn't start till 6:30, which is pretty much the babies bedtime, so they were soooo tired while we were there. It was sad because they were really fussing, and Micah was rubbing his face and eyes, and you could tell they just wanted to be layed down for sleep. Anyway, the kids had fun opening presents. Noah was a pro at ripping the wrapping paper now, and needed very little help. He sometimes needed help if it was tapped a lot. The babies enjoyed the wrapping paper just about as much as what was inside....a typical first Christmas :) During the day Noah and I made the dough for sugar cookies, and we rolled it out and cut it into shapes , and baked it before we left for Grandma's. So, when we got home the cookies were cooled and we got to start decorating. Noah did 4 or 5 of his own cookies, and he was soooo excited to leave them for Santa. He kept saying, "Is Santa gonna love it?" We wrote Santa a note, and left it on the fireplace along with the cookies. Noah was so very cute and full of wonder and excitement, and I will always remember this Christmas Eve. Nick and I watched "It's a Wonderful Life" like we always do, and I put together Noah's train table while we watched it. I wrapped it once it was all put together, so it was a giant present!

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