Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morning sickness...ALL DAY!

It's now hard to think up things to eat. I am having a hard time drinking water, and am worried my milk is gonna dry up! Today I ate a grilled cheese, In-N-Out, and Vinces for dinner. When I think of soemthing that sounds good to eat, I HAVE to eat that, and then I feel better for a little while. Ahh! Pregnancy! Still LOVE it though! Love growing a baby in my belly! :) Micah was so fussy today, and was pulling on his ear. Hopefully they get better soon. :( Even so, they still both were sweet as can be, and so cute. Noah is amazing me. I swear I can tell he turned 3! He is singing all these songs, picking up on all the words really quickly, and he just seem to be more gorwn up over night. He still loves his mommy, and wants to be held, and have me lay down in his bed with him too. I am trying to cherish all those things, I know they won't last forever. I am realizing the time grows shorter.

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