Friday, April 30, 2010

Trail and Trampoline...aka Jumpoline

Went on a walk today on the new trail with the kiddos and Gale. It was pretty prefect weather, and the trail was nice, with pretty views! It makes me more sad to be leaving this house...I wish we could just buy it. Don't think it will happen though...I feel like it is my house though. I get really attached to houses...especially ones we bring babies home to. :( Well, I just have to get past it and realize the memories are mine no matter what! :) We also went to my Mom's for a little bit. She has had strep throat, sow e haven't seen her since Monday. She is on anti-biotics now, so we ventured over for a little bit, and the boys played outside. I had them all on the trampoline, and they were cracking me up! Micah and Levi kept crawling to the edge, and I would pull them back by the leg at the same time, and they thought it was funny! Then I started bouncing them a little, and they would just laugh and laugh! Too funny! Noah climbed up into the fort today all by himself! He said, "See, I can do it!" Yes, you can Noah! He gets so proud of himself. He just recently started climbing in and out of his twins bed with the rails, and he is just so happy to do it! Luckily, he is a good boy and doesn't get out without permission. He just calls, "Mommy, I'm awake!" Such a sweetie! The babies are officially 13 months old today! Why does it go so fast!?! Noah is 37 months also...but I sort of stop counting the months at this point! I still just say, "he just turned 3". :) Love my boys.

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