Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July

Euclid Parade, Swimming with Jess, Fireworks at Aaron and Ashley's. God Bless America.

Although, Noah covered his ears while watching, and Micah and Levi went into the house they hated it so much. Levi said "cared" meaning scared. They were not fans! Micah did come out in the backyard with me for a bit and when he saw a far off firework that wasn't loud he said WOW!

Here we all are.  Note Levi's finger up his nose. 

Anyway, Caleb went down OK and fell asleep at their house, but was woken up by all the noise. I rocked him outside on the chair swing. He was so amazingly cuddly and warm, and fell asleep contentedly on me even though the fireworks were so loud. He watched them for a while with his head on my chest, and then just shut his eyes and went to sleep. It was bliss for mommy. He also fell asleep at the parade this morning in my sling, and he was gripping a flag for the whole nap! It was adorable!

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