Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's so hot!

The summer has officially arrived, even though it's just about ended!  It has been over one hundred degrees the last four or five days, and boy is it hot!  It's a good thing it hasn't been this hot most of the summer, or our air-conditioning bill would be so high!  We have even been leaving it on at night, which we don't usually do. 

If the boys go outside we have to be playing in the water.  Luckily, Caleb loves the pool.  I like putting him in there because it is a mini-playpen that he actually likes!  He has actually learned how to crawl out in the last few days, but he usually stays in for quite awhile first.  A few days ago, he watched Micah and Levi get out of the pool and go get on their bikes.  He watched them for a minute and then crawled right out, went over to the little radio flyer bike and climbed on and sat on it just like you are supposed to sit on it!  He learns so much from having big brothers!

Today at church Caleb crawled over to a 3 year old little boy in the fireside room and was being so friendly and cute.  He really captures attention because he is so happy and smiley.  He is such a blessing!

We cleaned the carpet this weekend and man did it need it!  Too many spills and potty accidents, and it hadn't been cleaned in 2 years.  Hopefully we find a house in Pinon Hills soon so we won't have to deal with nasty blue carpet anymore!

Had an enlightening argument discussion on FB about evolution and God.  A girl I used to go to church with was claiming to be a Christian even though she said she wasn't sure if Jesus was real or not.  Ummm, how does that work?  I pointed out the fact that believing in Jesus is key to being a Christian, and she accused me of judging her!  Don't you have to believe in Buddah to be a Buddhist!?  Geez.

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  1. Cute post Di... And yes boy is it hot! I am scared to see our bill this month. Mike is killing me with his 70 AC at night :(