Monday, August 29, 2011

Our baby can stand alone!

Noah went to my mom's after pre-school was done, so we went to pick him up, and stayed for dinner.  Chicken legs, mac-n-cheese, and corn and peas.  Yum!  Nick snapped this picture of Caleb playing by the slide.  I am sure he will be climbing up it in no time!  He stood alone for about 15 seconds in the grass, the longest he has gone so far.  He will be toddling in no rush please!  I want to keep him my baby forever!  I never want his squishy chubbs to go away!
All four boys had a grand ol' time getting a shower with the hose.  When it's this hot, just do have to do it!  Maybe my parents should put in that pool...or we need one once we move to Pinon Hills!

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