Sunday, August 7, 2011

6 teeth

Caleb now has 6 teeth! Both top teeth next to the front teeth are now visible! The right one appeared on July 30, followed closely by the left one on August 1! I don't know if the teeth are hurting or what, but he will not stop biting! He doesn't even really bite when nursing, he just keeps biting my left arm near my shoulder! Right where he can reach when I hold him! I have red marks and bruises! Ouch! He is too cute though, so I can't get mad when he does it!

I finally got my last bunch of cloth diapers. I think I have 24 now, and I am definately a believer! The first laundry soap I used (Rockin green) left the didpers stinky, so I wasn't so sure, bug the new soap I have (Nelly's) works great! So glad I took a chance because we are going to save a lot of money! Especially if we have 10 babies! :)

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