Monday, March 15, 2010


Micah learned to climb on top of Noah's train table! Oh my goodness, are we in trouble now! He was so proud of himself and happy that he did it too! I hope this doesn't mean he will learn to escape his crib anytime soon! It was so wamr and beautiful today! I took all the kiddos outside to play for over an hour! They all love it! The babies got so mad when I took them inside finally, that they just cried! They start crying also if you go near the slider like you are going out, and they think you are going outside, and then you don't. This is going to be such a fun summer...I love being outside, and I love when it is warm and we can enjoy the outdoors together! So fun! Noah went to my mom's house today for a bit, and while he was gone Gale, Ben and Lindsay came over and invited us to go on a walk, so we did. It was nice, and the babies really enjoyed it. We don't go on too many walks because of the giant hill! Anyway, then we went to pick up Noah and have dinner over there...homemade chicken and buscuits! They were sooo good! Thanks Mom! :) Finally, Joan called and said the bank was responding pretty quickly on the house! They needede some pieces of info quick enough that Joan needed it tonight at 9pm! I am just praying God closes the door if we aren't supposed to buy it!

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