Monday, March 22, 2010

I need to write more often!

Micah started claping his hands this week on the 18th and Levi started doing it also on the 19th! It is so cute, and I got several videos of them doing it. Micah got his 5th tooth, the one next to the front tooth on the left on March 18th, and then the one to the right of his front tooth on the 21st of March. On Saturday, which was the 20th, Al Judy and Chey Chey came over and we had lunch and the kiddos all had so much fun playing in the water and in the sun! It was such a fun day, and the babies really crashed for their nap afterwards! We bought the kids birthday swingset at Costco on the 21st also, which was Sunday. We made it to church too! We took the babies into the nursing mother's room because they get so upset in the nursery. Hopefully it will get better soon! Noah also cries so hard when we first leave him, but is calming down eventually. My first Dr. appointment for the new baby is today, so maybe we will find out when I conceived! It is today at 2:00pm.

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