Friday, March 12, 2010

Letting it sink in...

Today has been a day of letting our baby news sink in. It still hasn't really. I am having a hard time thinking that my sweet babies are going to be big brothers. They will only be 19 months old. I know this is God's timing and I know I will love this baby with all my heart, I just need a little time to adjust to the idea! Noah's first reaction to me saying we were goging to have another baby was "But we already have enough babies!" Oh my! However, now he is saying he is excited! It is sooo cute and fun because he understands this time! I love that! The babies were both very fussy today. Micah is definately getting two teeth! They have almost broken through but not quite, so I think they are really bothering him! Poor baby didn't want me to put him down. Levi doesn't have any visible teeth trying to push their way out, but something is definetly up with him!
We are trying to make such big decisions about where to live! We are really struggling with the idea of having such a small backyard for our many small children! Jeremiah and Nicole, and soon Chris and Itzel will all be living in Pinon Hills. You can get a bigger house and a few acres up there, but you have to live in the desert! There are so many pros and cons to weigh. Really though, it's just where God wants us. I just need to hear His voice on this. That is what I am praying for and listening for. I know He will answer!
Filled out envelopes for the boys birthday invites today...I am mailing them tommorow!

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