Saturday, March 27, 2010

Birthday party!

The boys first annual joint birthday party was a success! I can't believe it is over. Can't believe my boys are one and three. My heart is so torn about how to feel. Proud of how they are growing and enjoying that, but sad that it is going so fast. I'm gonna miss this, I know. The swing set we got turned out awesome! It isn't all the way finished yet, but Noah loved it! It was so neat seeing his face adn his reaction to it! At the end of the party he asked if the swingset was still going to be there! Hehe! The babies didn't take thier morning nap today, but tehy took the afternoon one, adn now they are already sleeping, as is Noah. He fell asleep at 6:30! He spent the night at Grammy's house last night...went to bed after 10pm and woke up at 5am! Oh my goodness! No wonder he was tired, and then no nap today! Sheesh! He didn't even eat dinner! All the cousins had a blast playing on the swingset is sooo fun for the boys that they have so many cousins slose in age! I love it!

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