Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lazy Day...

Today was a lazy day. I was feeling so tired and just blah! I started feeling what I thought was morning sickness yesterday, but today it was gone. Maybe it was just something else. I just felt really tired and no energy whatsoever. I was just waiting for naptime, and I hate when I feel like that. I want to enjoy every minute, not look forward to naptime. I took a nap when they all did around 2:30, but I almost felt worse when I woke up! Anyway, I have a sonogram on Thursday. I almost just want to cancel until next week, so that in case something is wrong it doesn't ruin the boys birthday. I think I will cancel. Nick and I are both so darn excited to build the swingset! I just cannot wait to see the look on Noah's face! Having it will make me feel less guilty about not being able to go to the park very often! It will be nice to have something fun to play on right in our own backyard!
We went to the library this evening, and Micah let go on what he was holding onto and took a stop into Nick's arms. So, I think it was his first steps pretty much! So exciting, yet bittersweet! My babies are getting so big. I simply cannot fathom that Noah will be three! He actually read me a book today with very little help...of course it is memorized by the pictures, but it is so neat seeing him learn and grow. He is such a smart and loving little boy! Levi was sweet today, and just really want to be held. He is a momma's boy. Well, they all are!!! Love my boys!

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